Rewired: Parnell coworking space

Rewired is a coworking, event and meeting space at Xero’s Auckland office designed to bring businesses together.

The Rewired logo with the words Rewired, powered by Xero in white lettering in a blue background.

Rewired is designed to bring together New Zealand’s best and brightest individuals and small businesses to develop, collaborate and scale together.

Nestled inside Xero’s Auckland office, Te Ara Turoa, in Parnell, Rewired offers attractive permanent, flexi and casual options to suit your needs. It can also be used as an event and meeting space, and there’s a dedicated onsite community manager.

In addition, Rewired provides ways to relax and recharge with a wealth of excellent facilities and amenities.

Three people seated around a large office table work on their laptops in the Rewired space.

A community of innovators

Rewired is designed to bring together New Zealand’s forward-thinking small businesses, tech startups, fintech and SaaS businesses, and accounting and banking partners in a future-focused community.

It’s a home for small businesses with global ambition, as well as international tech startups that want to expand in New Zealand.

Rewired encourages its members to collaborate to rewire the small business economy. Having started life as a Kiwi startup, Xero knows it takes a supportive community to grow a business and shape the future.

A small group of colleagues gather round to look at what’s on a laptop screen.

Welcome to Rewired

Take a sneak peek at what Rewired has to offer and hear from some of our current members.

Membership options to suit

Choose from several options for the way you use the Rewired space.

If you're here for the long haul, opt for permanent; if you're here quite a bit, go for flexi; or if you're just here occasionally, become a casual member.

A sit-stand desk and ergonomic chair used as a permanently allocated workstation in the Rewired space.


$500 / month/ user

Plug in and power up permanently with a motorised standing desk and ergonomic chair all to yourself while being a part of a bigger community.

Includes 24/7 access and use of mail facilities.

A sit-stand desk and ergonomic chair used as a hot desk in the Rewired space.


$350 / month/ user

Make the most of the flexibility of hot desking in our shared seating area, with the added benefit of access to meeting rooms Monday to Friday.

Includes use of mail facilities during business hours.

A comfortable chair and circular coffee table being used as a casual workspace at Rewired.


$130 / month/ user

Nab yourself a spot at a table or couch to work for a day or two each week and plug into a collaborative and innovative community.

Access Monday to Friday during business hours.

Want to see the space?

Come in and check out the space, see if it's right for you and your business, and if there are any vacant spots.

The kitchen area in the Rewired space with an espresso coffee maker on the bench.

Everything you need

As a Rewired member you get more than just a space to work. That includes a range of different meeting spaces. When you need a break from your desk, chill out on a couch or bean bag, or play a game of table tennis with someone else from the Rewired community.

Free snacks, great wi-fi, showers, a towel service, and much more are also on offer. Check out all the amenities and services. Members can access in-house events, Xero mentoring and support, and exclusive Xero deals. As the community grows, we expect the perks to grow too.

One Rewired member makes a phone call from a soundproof booth while another has a game of table tennis.

Businesses who make up the community

These are some of the businesses currently using the space, interacting, and doing awesome things in Rewired.

The logos of Paintvine, Taggun, Pay Sauce, Hatch, Spotcap, Humanitix, GoCardless, Reconcilely, A2X, Zip, Business Sorter, Blu

Where to find us

Find Rewired in Xero's Auckland office on the corner of St Georges Bay Road and Garfield Street in Parnell.

Several people working on their laptops.

Need more information?

If you've got more questions about Rewired, we're happy to help.

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