Cash flow management for small businesses

Maintaining a healthy flow of cash in and out of your business is more important now than ever. Browse resources from Xero experts to see how to better manage your cash flow and get paid faster.

Canada Small Business Insights

The latest Xero Small Business Insights data showed that small businesses were increasingly being paid late and that sales are barely growing during the March quarter. However, the June quarter Bank of Canada Survey of Consumer Expectations showed some signs of improving consumer confidence.

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Using Xero to manage your business finances

Xero can help you run your business efficiently, get paid promptly, and view up-to-date figures.

Send professional invoices

Send personalized online invoices from the desktop or app as soon as a job is done.

Sending invoices

Give customers more ways to pay

Add a ‘Pay now’ button to online invoices so you get paid faster and speed less time chasing late payments.

Accepting online payments

Track your bills and pay them on time

Learn about Xero features that help you track your bills and pay them on time to avoid late payment fees.

Tracking bills on the dashboard
A laptop showing an online invoice with a 'pay now' button, that helps business owners get paid faster.

Using Xero to manage cash flow

Xero helps you track, manage, forecast and improve cash flow so you have enough money on hand to cover debts and unlock business potential.

Money coming in and out

Forecast the cash flow of your business from month to month.

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Plan for the future

Get cash flow forecasts for the next 30 days with Xero Analytics, and the next 90 days with Analytics Plus.

Get business insights and forecasts

Stay in control with cash flow forecasting

Measure business health with cash flow figures that help you spot opportunities and mitigate risk.

Get a snapshot of your short-term cash flow

View a snapshot of your business financials

Know your numbers with a snapshot of your business financials so you can see what’s working and what’s not.

Get a business snapshot
A line graph in Xero shows short-term cash flow projections for the next 90 days.

Guides to help you manage business finances

Our expert guides explore how to maintain healthy cash flow and stay on top of your finances.

Guides to managing cash flow

Our expert guides explore how to maintain a healthy cash flow so you can pay your suppliers, employees, lenders and owners on time.

Online help: Track & predict cash flow in Xero

Find step-by- step instructions for tracking and predicting cash flow in these Xero Central help articles.

Glossary of terms

These definitions are for small business owners. Detailed definitions can be found in accounting textbooks or from accounting professionals.

Plans to suit your business

All pricing plans cover the accounting essentials, with room to grow.


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Save $160.80 over 4 months