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Starting your own business can be both exciting and daunting. So we've broken it down into key steps and given you the tools and resources you need to get your new business up and running.

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Ideas and doing research

Wondering if you can start a business? Here’s what you need to know about the best business ideas and where to start.

Small business ideas

Make a boss move

Load up on data, stats and stories to understand how you can become your own boss - wherever you may be on the journey.

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Small business ideas

Find the right idea

See how to stress test your business idea by researching your ideal customers and doing a competitor analysis.

Do market research

Choose a business structure

Work out what type of business is right for you, from freelancing or being a sole trader, to a partnership or company.

Choose your structure

Setting up your business

Now that you’ve decided to take the plunge, here’s what you need to do next when registering a business.

Do a budget and get finance

Draw up a demand forecast to predict income and expenses and use that to create a business budget. Next, work out business funding you’ll need.

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Register your business

You’ll need to register a business name, get an Australian Business Number and potentially apply for other licenses and permits.

How to register

Write a business plan

Create a business plan with our one-page template to iron out your idea or the multi-page template if you need to get a business loan.

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Finding and selling to customers

The next crucial step is promoting your business and starting to sell your goods and services.

Manage your inventory

If your business has inventory you’ll need to understand the types of inventory, what inventory management is and how to account for it.

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Writing quotes

Writing quotes

Price quotes are a formal document. Know what to include, how to win new business and look into a simple CRM to manage your customers.

How to quote

Create a website

Get the basics on how to create a business website, what to put on it, and how to turn it into a moneymaker. Then look at ways to start promoting it.

Website 101

Getting paid and paying others

So you’ve sold your product or service, now how do you make sure you get paid so you can pay your bills?

Creating invoices

It’s easy to write an invoice with our downloadable template or learn the ins and outs of getting paid with the comprehensive Invoicing Survival Guide.

Use invoice template

Chase late payments

Over 40% of invoices are paid late. Payment terms can affect when your invoice will be paid, and don’t be afraid to send payment reminders for overdue invoices.

How to get paid

Pay your staff

If you've hired staff, you'll need to run payroll and calculate payroll tax. On a payslip you’ll need to show wages, deductions and employer Super contributions.

Use payslip template

Business accounting 101

Got sales coming in the door? Congratulations! Here are resources to help you do basic accounting for your small business and track performance.

Accounting glossary

You’ve probably heard people mention cash vs accrual accounting, debits and credits and other accounting terms - our glossary helps decode them for you.

Read the glossary

Doing a business activity statement

Owning a business means you need to know what GST is, how to register for GST, what a BAS statement is and when to lodge your BAS.

Guide to GST and BAS

Create financial reports

Download templates for the two most important reports to have when running your business - the balance sheet and the profit & loss statement.

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Business up and running?

If your business is already set up, these resources can help with
the day to day management of a small business.
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Managing a business

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