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Acknowledge payment for absolutely anything on this receipt template. Download it once, use it a thousand times.

Receipt template with blank fields for users to fill out.


Contains all the necessary rows and fields, so your customer gets all the info they need.


Created by accounting experts, so all the formatting is bang on


It does the maths for you. Punch in costs and quantities, and the receipt generator template adds everything.

Download the free receipt template

Fill in the form to get a blank receipt template as an editable PDF. We’ll also link you to an example on how to use it.

Why use this free receipt template

Built by accounting nerds

Xero knows receipts. And we made this free receipt template for you.

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    You can fill it out and email paperlessly, or print it if you prefer.
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    Can be used for a multitude of transaction types.
Download blank receipt template

Using this receipt template

Just add prices, quantities, and payment amount and the template will do the maths for you.

Room for two dates

Show separate sales and receipt dates if receipt is sent later.

Quantity and costs

List details of the sale, the price, quantity and any sales tax (if applicable).

Owed vs paid

Can be used to acknowledge part-payments and show what is still owed.

Type of payment

Show the payment method used eg, cash, card, bank deposit.

Using receipts

It’s all in the timing. An invoice is a request for payment. A receipt is provided after payment has been made. Invoices can also act as receipts, but sometimes a customer may ask for a separate receipt for their records. Receipts are also a handy way to document a non-invoiced cash sale. That’s why we’ve created this receipt template. Looking for an invoice template? We’ve got one of those too.

Check out our free invoice template.

Receipts are important for both you and your customers in case they have any issues with a product or want to return or exchange it, and you need to be able to check that their claims are correct. Customers also may need a receipt to prove an expense - for their tax return or for reimbursement.

Save a copy of receipts you send or give customers as proof of goods sold, services rendered, and payment made. Every receipt should include a unique number so it can be easily filed and found.

Using the template

Check what tax rate applied to the sale (if any) and add it to the appropriate boxes. If there was no tax, just leave it blank.

Put the payment details in the boxes provided. These will say how much your customer paid and what method they used. Add your signature if you’re using the template as a receipt for cash sales.

Looking for more information on using the receipt template?

Check out our example.

Your multi-purpose PDF receipt template

This flexible blank receipt template can be used as a:

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    sales receipt template
  • Included
    cash receipt template
  • Included
    deposit/instalment receipt template
Download free receipt template

Sales receipt template

List items and prices, pick a tax rate, if applicable, and show payment. It does the sums for you.

Download and use as a sales receipt template
A small business owner sending a receipt from their laptop.

Cash receipt template

For cash sales, put the same information as a sales receipt. Then print and sign.

Download and use as a cash receipt template
A receipt and cash.

Deposit receipt template

For deposits or part payments, enter the amount paid and the amount still owing will automatically be calculated.

Download and use as a deposit receipt template
A hand passing a receipt through a laptop to another hand emerging from a tablet.

Make invoicing simpler and faster

Invoices don’t go in the post anymore. Invoicing software speeds up every step of the process so you get paid sooner.

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Xero does not provide accounting, tax, business or legal advice. This template has been provided for information purposes only. You should consult your own professional advisors for advice directly relating to your business.

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