Powerful cloud payroll software for Australia

Pay yourself and your staff and report payroll details to the Australian Tax Office (ATO) with the cloud payroll software in Xero. Automate tax, pay, and super calculations in a click.

Xero cloud payroll software being used by an Australian business to select employees to be paid in this pay run.

Australia’s Single Touch Payroll sorted

Simplify STP compliance and reporting with cloud payroll software designed for Australian small businesses.

Automated Australian payroll calculations

Use Xero online payroll software on the go, to calculate Australian tax, super contributions, and leave.

Employee self-service with the payroll app

Let employees use the payroll app, Xero Me, to view payslips, request leave, and submit timesheets online.

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Australia’s Single Touch Payroll sorted

Use Xero payroll software to simplify compliance with ATO requirements.

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    Lodge salary, wage, PAYG and superannuation details
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    Send Single Touch Payroll reports each payday

Automated Australian payroll calculations

Pay employees in just a few clicks using Xero online payroll software. Payroll data updates your accounts automatically.

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    Automatic tax, superannuation and leave calculations for Australian businesses
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    Flexible pay calendars and pay rates
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    Payslips are instantly available to employees in Xero Me or can be shared securely via email

Employee self-service with the payroll app

Reduce admin and save time by giving your employees access to the Xero Me payroll app so they can manage their own work-related admin.

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    Your staff can access their own payslips
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    They can view leave balances and submit leave requests or timesheets on the go
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    Authorised staff can review and approve leave requests and timesheets

More about Xero’s cloud payroll software

Xero’s automatic superannuation (auto super) is gold-certified by the ATO as SuperStream compliant. Auto super sends employee super contributions electronically to the nominated Australian super fund. It also sends super data to the provider and the ATO.

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Employee leave balances are automatically adjusted when a leave request is submitted and approved in Xero’s online payroll system. The payroll software comes with all the standard types of Australian leave, plus you can set up rostered days off and time in lieu. Manage employee sick, maternity, paternity, shared, adoption and bereavement leave with ease in Xero Payroll.

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Once employee hours are entered into timesheets, earnings are automatically calculated by the payroll software. Time that’s entered on project tasks also flows into payroll timesheets.

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Give access to your employees to view payslips, request leave, or submit timesheets in the Xero Me payroll app on mobile or desktop.

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View a wide range of payroll reports to get valuable information on payroll activity, transactions, leave balances, timesheets, remuneration and superannuation, so you can find answers and solutions to payroll problems.

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Report payroll information to the Australian Tax Office (ATO) with the Single Touch Payroll software in Xero each pay run.

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Access all Xero features for 30 days, then decide which plan best suits your business.

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    24/7 online support

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