Waddle: Business finance, done differently

We’re offering selected eligible small businesses* the option to access business finance offered by Waddle within Xero.

A Waddle screen showing three payees, a paid sign, and a bar showing the available funds.

A revolving line of credit

Waddle is a revolving line of credit that allows your clients to access money tied up in their unpaid invoices.

Waddle helps your clients access the money they’re owed whenever they need it, enabling them to smooth out cash flow bumps when they arise.

Waddle could be best used for businesses that:

  • regularly need working capital, usually have over 30-day payment terms, and may require additional working capital to fulfill orders
  • have regular and reliable customers
  • would benefit from a larger overdraft or may require an alternative finance option
A screen showing a quote for funds for a business and a menu list of other Waddle options.

How it works

Funds are based on unpaid invoices

Waddle uses data from unpaid invoices in Xero to determine your client’s available funds.

A wallet with an invoice folded inside it.

Funds fluctuate as invoices are paid

Available funds fluctuate as invoices are issued and paid, or when your client draws down.

A screen showing a bar chart of the amount of invoices owed each month.

Draw down funds as often as needed

Your client can draw down on the available funds as much or as little as they’d like, as often as they need.

A head and shoulders image of a person wearing a purple cap and a green shirt.

Repayments are automatic

Once set up, repayments are made automatically as debtors pay their invoices.

A calendar with green ticks marked on the first three days of January.

Easy reconciliation

A direct feed into Xero makes reconciliation quick and easy.

A magnifying glass hovering over a screen with reconciliation data.

Hassle free application process

When your client is ready to apply they’ll be able to share information from Xero directly with Waddle to support their application.

A cursor arrow hovers over a green Apply button ready to click it.

Ongoing visibility of your client’s finances

You’ll be able to get a live view of how a client is using Waddle through Xero.

A business card with a head and shoulders image of a client, attached to another card with a paperclip.

Invoice finance done differently

Fair pricing

Pay interest on the amount of credit used for the time they use it, plus an annual account fee which is a percentage of their maximum credit.

A green dollar note.

No obligation

No fixed-term contract or obligation to use the service. Stop any time, as long as the remaining balances are paid.

A yellow bird flying.

Your customer, your relationship

Waddle won’t contact your customers. The use of Waddle is discreet.

A person at their desk working from a laptop with a clock on the wall behind them.

How are costs calculated?

Clients pay interest on the amount of credit they use for the time they use it. Plus an annual account fee which is a percentage of their credit limit and charged monthly.

The interest rate is determined by Waddle and is based on a risk and credit assessment. Clients need to complete an application in order to see the interest rate Waddle could offer them.**

Rates range from 7.5% to 14% per annum


  • A small business has a credit limit of $100,000. They draw down $10,000 for 30 days.
  • The annual account fee of 2.5% of the facility is $2500 per year, charged at $208.33 per month.
  • The interest on $10,000 borrowed over 30 days at an annual interest rate of 7.5% will be $61.64.
  • The cost for $10,000 for 30 days is $269.97 (annual account fee + interest)

How to apply

Waddle is only available on invoices that aren't aged more than 90 days.

1. Update Xero

Make sure your client’s books are up to date by reconciling transactions and recording income.

A folder with three invoices filed in it.

2. Get indicative quote

Based on Xero data, your client can get a quote for Waddle from within Xero.

A business quote showing three proposals, with three images of people in front of it.

3. Connect Xero with Waddle

Waddle uses the data from your client’s business to facilitate the application process.

A yellow circle with the Waddle logo and a connect button in front of it.

4. Start Waddle application

Have a quick chat with a Waddle team member for Q&A and some supporting documentation.

An invoice in front of a green circle.

5. Get funds

If your client is approved and chooses to set up Waddle, funds could be in their account within as little as 24 hours.

An open wallet with two green dollar notes lifting out of it.


Will Waddle contact your client’s debtors?

No. Your client’s customer relationship always stays with them. During the normal operation of the facility, Waddle won’t contact debtors and the debtors won’t be aware that the business has obtained finance against their unpaid invoices.

Does Waddle require security?

Yes. Waddle registers a general security interest in the business and requires personal guarantees from directors.

How much could my clients access?

The amount your client could access is calculated based on a percentage of their invoices awaiting payment. In Waddle, this is shown as their available funds and will vary over time.

What information will Waddle access?

Only when your client has consented to sharing their Xero data, Waddle will access their business information and related financial information to assess their application and to provide them with a live view of available funds and to manage their drawdowns once Waddle has been set up.

This information includes their invoices, credit notes, bank transactions, payments, profit & loss statement and balance sheet. Waddle will treat this information in accordance with their privacy notice.

What happens if a debtor doesn’t pay their invoice within 90 days?

Remember, any debtors who pay an invoice will contribute to paying off the outstanding balance.

So, as long as debtors keep paying their invoices and your client's outstanding balance doesn’t exceed the maximum credit limit their facility will keep revolving.

How do I know if my client is eligible to apply for Waddle?

To be eligible to apply for Waddle, they'll need to:

  • invoice other Australian businesses
  • have been trading for six months or more
  • have at least $10,000 in unpaid invoices

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* To be eligible to apply for Waddle, businesses need to have been trading for a minimum of six months and have at least $10,000 in unpaid invoices.

** Waddle eligibility criteria apply. Security and guarantee required.

*** No data is shared with Waddle without permission

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