Track project profits

Quote, invoice and get paid for jobs, plus keep track of time, costs and project profitability within Xero.

A list of jobs in progress displayed on a tablet.

Estimate and quote on jobs

Quickly prepare quotes based on your estimates.

Track time and costs

Use the app timer or location-based tracking.

Send customised invoices

Turn quotes into invoices for online payment.

View profitability

Monitor profit margins on a dashboard.

See how to monitor projects in one place

So much better than spreadsheets.

Estimate and quote on jobs

Use your estimates of time and costs to prepare budgets and create quotes in minutes.

  • Included
    Build budgets from estimates of time and expenses on tasks
  • Included
    Send customised quotes for approval in just a few clicks
  • Included
    Choose the exact level of detail you want to show customers
An online quote includes buttons that allow the customer to accept or decline the quote online.

Track time and costs

Accurately track time on the go with a start-stop timer and location-based tracking on mobile.

  • Included
    Record hours spent on a project at the time rather than later
  • Included
    Seamlessly link costs to jobs and projects
  • Included
    See exactly where every dollar was spent
A progress bar shows the total time and costs spent on a project to date compared to the amounts budgeted.

Send customised invoices

Turn quotes into branded invoices and choose how much detail to display.

  • Included
    Create fixed price or time and materials invoices
  • Included
    Send invoices for deposits and lump sums like progress payments
  • Included
    Add a ‘Pay now’ button to online invoices and get paid faster
Xero invoices include project time and costs.

View profitability

Keep an eye on project financials so you can maximise profit on any job and see how to improve it in future.

  • Included
    View job profit margins in an easy-to-comprehend chart
  • Included
    See a breakdown of costs, such as time recorded and expenses
  • Included
    Quickly identify how much remains to be invoiced
A technician uses their phone to keep track of the time spent on site.

More about projects

You only pay for employees who use Xero Projects within the month. You don’t pay for an employee if all they did that month was view project information or run project-related reports.

See how projects pricing works

Add project timesheets directly into Xero Payroll, ensuring that employees only record time once, in one place, and avoiding duplicate data entry.

See how to add project time into a timesheet

Snap and submit expenses or mileage claims anytime, anywhere with Xero Expenses and assign them to a project to recover the costs.

Learn more about tracking job costs

Get reports that show chargeable and non-chargeable hours for any period. See if staff have completed their time entries, how many hours they’ve worked on a project, and whether they're meeting their chargeable hours targets.

Learn more about tracking time

If you use Trello to allocate tasks and manage workflows, you can log time that’s entered against tasks in Trello directly to Xero Projects. The time entry details show that it came from Trello and let you click through to the Trello card.

See how Xero and Trello work together

Run Xero reports for a summary of all your projects, including which jobs are profitable or over budget. Use past projects to help estimate new ones.

See how to get a project summary report

Track projects within Xero

Access all Xero features for 30 days, then decide which plan best suits your business.

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Manage larger projects and sync with Xero

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