Meet Claire, From furniture business to starting her own practice

Claire Van Holland is the owner of CV Ledger, a small accounting firm specializing in small businesses in the creative field. Claire is creative herself especially in how she uses her background to help her clients. “I have a corporate finance background mostly in the tech and media space and I’ve always been a Jill of all trades.

I was doing a lot of strategic planning and collecting and analyzing data to increase revenue and optimize efficiency.” Little did she know she would soon be applying her experience in new ways. 

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Working with Xero, I knew from the very beginning that it was exactly the tool I needed primarily because I'm a big fan of beautiful things.

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Claire’s journey to Xero

“I ended up starting a furniture company with my husband and decided to take care of our accounting and bookkeeping. In doing so, I realized that this service was a need for other small businesses and entrepreneurs and that motivated me to start my practice.

I thought it would be really interesting to apply my corporate experience to small business.” Claire spent the next six months getting up to speed with Xero and learning her way around small business accounting. 

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Why Xero is right for Claire’s practice

Claire’s experience with Xero was a game-changer. “I realized very quickly that Xero was the perfect option for me and my clients. My clients get as excited as me because they realize managing their finances doesn’t have to be overwhelming.”

Claire’s background in financial analysis really comes to life with Xero. “My clients are storytellers and it's my job to give them a visual story about their business and data.” Claire remains a big supporter of Xero because it makes so much of a difference in her work and her relationships with her clients.


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