Build a sustainable business

68% of small businesses want to operate more sustainably according to a Xero survey*, but many don't know where to begin. Here are some small business sustainability resources to help you get started.

Together, we can make a difference

At Xero we truly believe in the power of small business to change the world, and we want to help.

We've collated resources from across the globe to help our small business customers and partners build more sustainable businesses. Focusing on sustainability doesn't only benefit our planet, it can also be great for your business’ bottom line.


Good for business, good for the planet

Working to make your business more eco friendly isn't just great for the planet, it can help you build an amazing business too.

  • Improving your sustainability practice can help to build and maintain trust in your business
  • It's becoming easier for more sustainable businesses to access capital and investment
  • It's a credible way to differentiate your business in the market and give you a competitive edge
  • Reduced energy and water consumption can save your business money

Understand your climate impact

intro to climate change

Intro to Climate Change

Read the United Nations article 

Consumers are adopting sustainable lifestyles

Consumers are adopting a more sustainable lifestyle

Read the Deloitte report

Cogo explains carbon footprints

Cogo Explains: What is my carbon footprint?

See the Cogo guide

Take action

Making a plan

Small business can have a big impact

Read the blog

environmentally sustainable small business

How to make small business environmentally sustainable

Read the small business guide by Xero


three ways small business can shift to low carbon

Three ways small businesses can prepare for the shift to a low carbon economy

Read the blog

three steps to sustainably minded small business

Three steps to creating a sustainably minded small business

Read the blog

cogo explains carbon offsetting

Six tips to reduce your carbon footprint

Download PDF

Reduce plastic consumption

Reduce plastic consumption in your business

Read the blog

cogo explains carbon offsetting

Cogo Explains: What is carbon offsetting?

Read the Cogo guide

reduce your energy cosumption

Reduce your energy consumption

Read the blog

* Based on a survey of 95 small businesses in Australia, New Zealand, the US and the UK in September 2021.

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Going further

What role can accountants and bookkeepers play?

This report from the ACCA shines a light on the broader social role of financial services professionals and their support of small businesses.

Consider going carbon neutral like Xero has

Xero is proudly certified carbon neutral by the Australian Government’s Climate Active program. Check out their website to learn more about how your business can benefit from being certified.

Join Xero in The Climate Pledge

Consider joining Xero, AWS and many other businesses, by signing The Climate Pledge and committing to being net zero by 2040.

Measure the impact of your business via B Corp

The B Impact Assessment is a great tool for measuring the impact of your business on the community and the environment.

Learn more about Carbon Scopes

This resource from the Carbon Trust further explores the benefits of measuring the carbon footprint of your business. It also explains the widely adopted approach of categorizing your greenhouse gas emissions into Scopes.

Xero’s sustainability programs

Sustainability at Xero

Learn more about Xero’s sustainability programs.

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