Accounting software for nonprofits

Get 25% off Xero and see how online accounting software can work wonders for your nonprofit or charity. The discount is available to registered not-for-profit organizations on a business pricing plan.

An administrator in the nonprofit sector relaxes knowing Xero’s accounting software has them covered.

How to get the nonprofit discount

The nonprofit discount rate is applied once you've subscribed to Xero and we've confirmed your not-for-profit status. Learn more in Xero Central.

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    Start using Xero

    Sign up for a 30-day free trial or choose ‘buy now‘ to start subscribing to Xero.

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    Provide your charity number or certification

    During the free trial or within 31 days of subscribing, raise a case in Xero Central and send evidence of eligibility.

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    Set up payment

    At the end of your free trial, or when you buy now, enter your payment details and the discount will be applied.

See what accounting with Xero can do for your nonprofit

Keep track of cash flow

Monitor the flow of cash in and out of your nonprofit with a handy dashboard. Stay on top of expenses and plan ahead with the cash summary report.

Share reports with stakeholders

Accounting for charities with Xero’s software means you can share financial reports with board members, donors, volunteers and others in a click.

Financial reports are emailed and printed for a nonprofit’s board members and other stakeholders.

Pay staff online and on time

Use seamless online payroll to calculate tax deductions and wages so you can pay your staff quickly and easily.

The payroll software in Xero shows which of a nonprofit’s employees to pay in this pay run.

Stay connected wherever you are

Use Xero’s accounting app from your phone or mobile device, so you can monitor spends for your charity or nonprofit wherever you are.

The manager of a charity reviews the accounts on their phone while having coffee at a cafe.

It’s a love connection with Xero and I’ve been telling other people about it because it’s so easy to use.

Erica Mohan of Community Education Partnerships

Portrait of a person being interviewed at a school playground.

Connect Xero to apps for nonprofits

Over 1000 third-party apps connect with Xero. Find apps for your charity or nonprofit organization at the Xero App Store.

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    A customer relationship management (CRM) tool that helps nonprofits make smarter decisions based on their data.

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    Hubdoc is the Xero tool that captures bills and receipts. It helps to make bookkeeping seamless and unlock insights.

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    A customer relationship management (CRM) app for nonprofits to manage donors, volunteers, fundraising and more.

Start using Xero for free

Access Xero features for 30 days, then decide which plan best suits your business.

*About nonprofit discount pricing

The nonprofit discount rate is applied once you've subscribed to Xero and we've confirmed your not-for-profit status.

Learn more in Xero Central