Helen Wilson, Witch and Watchman

Life is bigger and better when you’re your own boss


Home is where the heart is

When Helen Wilson’s paintings found their way onto wallpaper, she found her way into business. Helen’s brainchild, Witch and Watchman, offers home textiles and wallpaper with a personal touch. She paints whimsical designs with oil on canvas, or draws them onto a digital painting app, ready for print onto wallpaper or fabric.

As an artist by trade, Helen wanted to find a way to market her work without having to market herself. Flicking through a magazine one day, she spotted a hand painted print on wallpaper and in that moment, life took a colorful twist. Wallpaper design was the perfect shield for Helen’s talent to hide behind, and the perfect addition to someone's home. Before she knew it, she was back in the game and her first love, interior design, had found its way back to her.

Claire’s hands working on a financial screen in her computer.

The mad hatter

As a first time business owner, Helen put trust in herself and her idea and learnt how to do all things business. From production to marketing, she wears many hats. And just like any business owner, she’s experienced highs and lows along the way. But every time Helen achieves something new, it gives her the drive to achieve even more.

When things are going well, it’s the best feeling in the world. That’s why I’m always pursuing something bigger and better.

Helen Wilson, Witch and Watchman

Claire’s hands working on a financial screen in her computer.

Helen loves her lifestyle. She enjoys being her own boss, being able to work wherever she wants for as long as she wants.

I feel like it doesn’t really get much better than this.

Helen Wilson, Witch and Watchman

Why have one when you can have two

Helen and her husband split their time between the UK and US, which means two currencies, two sets of expenses and two tax returns. For someone who doesn’t like numbers, spreadsheets weren’t helping. Luckily for Helen, her husband knew of Xero, and in time, Excel became a thing of her past.

Eric Stevens

I can click between the UK and US business really easily and see what’s what. It streamlined everything into one place, like orders, invoices, expenses – all the money coming in and out is all in one place.

Helen Wilson, Witch and Watchman

The magic trick

As a creative person, digits were never Helen’s favorite part of running a business, but with Xero’s friendly interface, she feels better about her relationship with numbers.

Xero has definitely made me more in control of my business and confident in my numbers. I love reconciling — it’s very easy and essential, really. I wish I had a Xero for every aspect of my life.

Helen Wilson, Witch and Watchman

Helen’s one stop shop has also freed up her time, so she can focus on what keeps the Witch and Watchman ticking. And with more time to paint her wonderlands, there’s more time to share her magic.

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