Jose and Javier Lopez of Casa Humilde

Jose and Javier Lopez are making craft beer and bringing a piece of their culture to Chicago.

Casa Humilde owners Javier and Jose smiling and leaning against a wall with a black and white mural

Watch their story

Watch how Casa Humilde came to life and how their advisor plays a role in their business.

Finding their passion

Casa Humilde was founded in 2015 when brothers Jose and Javier Lopez bought a stovetop beer brewing kit and began making beer inside their Chicago home. What initially started as a fun hobby led the Lopez brothers to pursue making their beer professionally.

As Casa Humilde began to find their footing, they joined a local brew hall and formally launched their beer. Starting a new business brought new learnings for Jose and Javier, and they quickly realized they needed help with their numbers. Recommended by the local brewing community, Casa Humilde found Samantha Aycock, and advisor from Lance CPA.

Casa Humilde owners Javier and Jose standing next to each other and smiling with barrels of beer seen in the background.

Planning for growth with Xero

Jose and Javier aren't numbers people by nature, so Samantha helps the two understand their finances and keep it in check. She uses Xero to track sales and inventory numbers and run reports to monitor how business is doing. By leveraging the data within Xero, Samantha can be a better advisor to the Lopez brothers and empower them to explore additional growth opportunities.

Casa Humilde owners Javier and Jose standing and engaging in conversation with their accountant while smiling and laughing

The future of Casa Humilde

Jose and Javier have big plans for Casa Humilde and are working towards owning their own brewery one day. Their dream is to have a space where they can bring the Chicago community together and share their Mexican culture through music, food, and, of course, beer.

With Xero we can input everything we need, our invoicing our orders, press a few buttons and we run reports to check our inventory for us.

Jose Lopez, Casa Humilde

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