A single view of your sales and business performance

Xero and A2X work seamlessly with Shopify, helping you grow your business by making your finances and accounting simpler.

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Connect Xero with the new Shopify POS

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Once you connect an A2X for Shopify account to your Shopify store, sales will automatically post to Xero and reconcile your payouts. 

How Xero can transform your ecommerce business

Increase your efficiency

Quickly import your orders from Shopify into Xero. This eliminates manual data entry and greatly reduces the risk of error. Now spend more time on what you love: your business.

Create invoices in a single click

Easily export your orders as invoices. Simply select the order criteria – including customized date ranges – and whether you want to include incomplete orders.

Work smarter

Seamlessly connect your Shopify business to Xero. Then take advantage of a single, end-to-end solution – with export summaries, automatic tax rate calculations and more.