How payroll software can simplify payroll management

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Woman overwhelmed by manual payroll processes

If you feel overwhelmed by payroll, then join the club. The majority of small business owners are solely responsible for managing payroll themselves. And payroll management can be complicated. It’s little wonder that online payroll software is growing in popularity as a solution.


This white paper looks at:

•  The challenges small businesses face in managing payroll 

•  How online payroll software can help simplify the payroll process


Find out how online payroll software works and see if it’s for you.

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Learn how online payroll software can take the stress out of your payroll process.


Automating payroll processes to claw back time

Many labor-intensive and time-critical tasks can now be fully or partly automated using online apps. Payroll is no different.


We look at how online payroll software can simplify and enhance the accuracy of tasks like:

  • Pay calculations

  • Pay stub creation

  • Payroll reporting and tax filing

A person uses Xero payroll to save time when paying their people.
“The majority of employers try to do the right thing when paying staff. Small businesses can sometimes have issues due to manual payroll processes, where the likelihood of error is much higher.” (Matthew Prouse, Head of Industry, Xero Australia)

Learn how payroll and technology come together

Two people talk about how using payroll software saves them time and stress.

This white paper will give you a sense for what online payroll software does, and why it’s now proving so popular. Read it to learn how it can simplify payroll processes that were traditionally complex, time-consuming and error-prone.

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