One step | Small business digitalisation

What kind of small business are you when it comes to adopting new tech? Read the report to find out.

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Small business attitudes to technology

Mindset barriers to adopting tech

Our report identifies barriers preventing small businesses from adopting new tech and shows how taking one step can help them move ahead.

  • Included
    Our world-first research used behavioural science to survey over 4000 small businesses worldwide
  • Included
    It identified the most common mindset and behavioural barriers that hinder small businesses digitalisation
  • Included
    The findings can help small businesses and policymakers understand how what barriers are the most common

Business owners talk about adopting tech

Small business on their tech journeys Watch the YouTube video series

The report

Read the findings including country-specific insights and recommendations that can help businesses take one step on their tech journey.

Download the report
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Meet the mindsets

Get to know the three common mindsets that frequently hold small businesses back from adopting new technology.

Tools for small businesses

Use these tools to see where you can conquer any behavioural barrier that may be holding you back.

  • Decision matrix

    Visualize the pros and cons of different options clearly. The matrix is good for those who are risk averse or are resistant to change.

    Download the decision matrix (PDF)
  • Pre-mortem (PDF)

    The pre-mortem kicks off with a worst-case outcome and then works backwards to help rethink those risks – one step closer to success.

    Download the pre-mortem
  • Cost-benefit analysis (PDF)

    The cost-benefit analysis is useful if you’re resistant to change or averse to risk, and may help you choose between tech options.

    Download the cost-benefit analysis
  • Q&A checklist (PDF)

    Gain confidence by spending time learning from tech adopters who consistently make well-calculated investments in technology.

    Download the Q&A checklist

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