Are you investor ready?

You wear multiple hats and work long hours. You also have passion and a plan. And you know that your personal investment now is all part of the big picture. So when it comes to the accounting and banking relationship, the answer is simple. Automate your financials to help prove to investors that you're investor ready. 

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Up-to-date feeds, ready when you are

The days of paperwork, signing forms or waiting for bank feeds are gone. It takes only a few clicks to link your Xero platform and SVB Internet Banking accounts. Once you do, your bank feeds will then start to flow once a day. 

More feeds in more places

Our direct integration uses OFX technology to securely transmit data at a continuous, rapid pace. Now bank feeds are faster, simpler and available across multiple SVB account types, including credit cards. 


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Simple to set-up and connect

There's no need for a stack of account codes or multi-step processes. It's time to embrace a simpler way. Just log into your Xero account, enter your SVB bank account details and click ‘Get Bank Feeds’. 


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As a young startup, anything that helps us save time and eliminate worry is a no-brainer. We love Xero & SVB!

Arlo Gilbert, CEO & Co-Founder at MetaSaaS - Xero and SVB customer

Arlo Gilbert, Meta SaaS