How to finance your business

Need finance for your business? Learn about the types of finance, approaching lenders and investors and more.

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Your intro to the different types of finance, including their pros and cons. Fill out the form to receive our finance guide as a PDF.

Options for financing a business

There are many methods for financing your business. See how they each work and how they might fit your needs.

Why Xero knows about business finance

Xero is home to millions of small businesses, who use our software to run their finances and accounting. About 200,000 accountants and bookkeepers use us too. We asked some of those owners and experts about finance, then put their insights into this guide.

Handy resources for small businesses

People who are trying to finance a business often find these resources helpful.

Guide to starting a business

Knowing where to begin when you’re starting a business isn’t easy. Check out our tips for all the steps.

Read the starting a business guide

Business plan template

Use our templates to help transition from a rough idea to a real-life business.

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Invoice guide

Check out our tips on the art and science of invoicing to help speed up payment.

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