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Why integrate with Xero?

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Strengthen your brand

Small businesses expect instant access to their customers, networks, and data – anytime, anywhere. Integrate with Xero and they’ll know you care about their needs.

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Razor-sharp efficiency

Integrate with Xero to create services for your small business customers that are easily automated, highly efficient and scalable.

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Make it easy

Small businesses choose financial institutions that securely share data with Xero. Link lending and other services with Xero so it’s easy for customers to apply.

Small businesses love using Xero

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Levels of integration suited to you

From simple and lower cost to deep and powerful – we offer a range of integrations that create game-changing services for our mutual customers.

The primary connection between a financial institution and Xero

A direct feed is a secure electronic transfer of account transaction data from a financial institution to Xero. Once set up, the data flows reliably without any action from the customer. Behind the scenes, financial institutions send daily files which are uploaded to Xero.

Direct feeds can be set up automatically via online banking

Automated direct feed setup is fast and as secure as online banking. There’re no manual processes for Xero or the financial institution but it requires the financial institution to build functionality into its internet banking. Automated set up is the springboard for deeper integrations with Xero.

Payment instructions sent from Xero to online banking

Batch payments save customers time and reduce the risk of errors from manually entering Xero data into online banking. Payments created in Xero are sent to online banking ready to be authorised. It’s completely automated for the financial institution and Xero, while being simple and quick for the customer.

Customers can opt to securely share their Xero data

Financial institutions need business information to offer lending, insurance, foreign exchange and more. With data share, Xero can automatically export the required information in a format the financial institution accepts. It’s faster and more accurate, saving the customer time and breaking some of the barriers to applying.

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The journey to become connected

1. Getting to know each other

Xero presents to your executives and at senior management meetings

2. Sorting the small print

Create and sign contract

3. Integration activities

Set up data transfer process and support arrangements, test, prepare documentation for Xero and financial institution

4. Service goes live

Customers can use the service and it’s promoted through marketing and communications activities

5. Business as usual

Report on performance, manage service-level agreements

After more detail? Read our 'Connecting to Xero' guide

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Become part of Xero’s financial web

Let’s talk about how an integration with Xero can bridge the gap between your financial institution and small business customers. Get started by contacting Steve today.

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