Introducing Xero +C

The smarter way to help your self-employed clients.

Now you can create a Schedule C report on Xero with a customized Chart of Accounts and report template, so you can quickly generate what you need for your self-employed clients.

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For a limited time, Xero +C is included with Xero Cashbook and Xero Business Edition.

Simplify your workflow this tax season and get started today.

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Make life easier

Put Xero +C to work today and manage your self-employed clients year round to reduce effort and error. Imagine, their stack of receipts and other data will soon be part of a digital and efficient workflow.

Grow your business

The Schedule C add-on opens the discussion to Xero Cashbook and Xero Business Edition – and is a great way to spotlight Xero benefits and help grow your business.

Work the way you want with Xero +C

Forget other solutions that put the responsibility on the client. Take control with the accountant-focused Xero +C and work the way you want.

You’ll also enjoy the Xero features you already love – that’s smart and simple.


Manage banking data more quickly and accurately

Use bank feeds to receive your client’s daily transactions. The Schedule C chart of accounts data will then be mapped to the Schedule C report for your Xero Org.


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Access a host of reports

Use what you need to get the work done, including cash flow statement, balance sheet and more.


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Leverage your existing workflow

Work in a familiar setting with the tools you already use – such as Xero HQ, Find & Recode, bank rules and cash coding – and quickly produce an accurate Schedule C report.


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Customize the work

Extend functionality by seamlessly adding popular third-party apps to your Xero workflow.

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Upgrade your account, not your data

Be the active advisor as Xero +C scales in line with your client’s business. Easily upgrade to the next Xero solution without having to migrate or upgrade the data.

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