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Xero’s open platform allows accountants and bookkeepers to choose additional integrated software that best suits their year-end workflow.

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Tax season tools from Xero

Learn about Xero's tax season tools with Michael Jones, Senior Account Manager and Tam Nguyen, Partner Consultant.

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Map accounts to tax lines

Efficiently prepare client financial data for tax by mapping their chart of accounts to lines in Form 1040, Schedules C and E (with one property). Forms 1065, 1120, and 1120S will be available soon.

Reduce manual data entry
Xero brings all of your client’s financial data together in a simple workflow, reducing the need for manual workarounds and third-party tools when preparing client books for tax.

Ensure data accuracy
Once your mappings are complete, audit your work by viewing a report that breaks down each tax line with the mapped accounts.

Tax software agnostic
Bridge the gap between Xero and your tax software by exporting a CSV of the completed mappings that can be transferred to a tax software of your choice. 

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Directly connect Xero to industry-leading tax solutions

Integrate Xero with CCH Axcess Financial Prep

Efficiently complete tax preparation engagements by transferring your client’s Xero trial balance into CCH Axcess Financial Prep – eliminating the need to manually export, import, and enter data.

Integrate Xero with CrossLink Business

Send your clients’ Xero income statements and balance sheets directly into tax returns within CrossLink. Once imported, the newly added financial data can be easily classified and mapped – improving speed and accuracy.

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Xero +C for self-employed clients

Transform your self-employed client’s stack of receipts into a year-round digital workflow. Connect their bank and use a customized chart of accounts that maps directly into a Schedule C report to efficiently and accurately manage self-employed client data.

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