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Changing your business requires more than just software. If you want to get the most out of your investment, talk to Xero’s partner consulting team.

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Supporting a stress-free Xero implementation


A personalized experience

Our team begins implementation with a comprehensive review of your current processes to help create a personalized plan for your transition to Xero.


Become a Xero product expert

Our partner consultants will help you master the Xero practice suite including Xero, Xero Practice Manager (XPM), and Report Templates.


Educate your team

Our partner consultants can help bring your team up to speed. They provide guidance, content, and support to help you run successful Xero staff training sessions.


Three reasons to implement today

  • An expert will be on hand to help with your implementation, saving you time and preventing mistakes later on.

  • Changing your way can be a challenge. We’re committed to making your transitions to Xero as easy and seamless as possible.

  • With the help of our consulting team, you’ll have more time to focus on your business while we get you up and running.


Getting started on your journey

From start to finish, our partner consultant team is ready to take you on your new Xero journey.
Here’s just a taste of how that might look. 

Scoping out your requirements

Need help sorting through your practice requirements? We can help with a scoping session. This looks closely at your day-to-day workings, workflows, and mentality. Together with a partner consultant, you’ll gain an understanding of what’s a good fit. 

scoping out your requirements illustration

Data conversions

Bringing across data from your old platform to Xero can be tricky. But not to worry, we can help with that. From pre-conversion to post-conversion, we’ll help you understand what options you have to make your transition as seamless as possible. If you are currently using one of our conversion tools and have questions, please let us know. 

data conversions illustration

Committing to change

Need help explaining to your staff why you switched to Xero? We’ll assist you in explaining why the switch is happening and the benefits. Along the way, it’s important to catch up on what’s working, identify areas of improvement, and create an open feedback environment from your staff.

committing to change illustration

Implementation approach

Rolling out your changes in a staged approach is something we recommend. That’s because flipping your practice all at once can be overwhelming. Our PC team can work with you to plan this out around your requirements and set out a distinct project plan.

Getting the team involved in the early stages makes the implementation plan easier to execute, and planning it in advance is key to ensure your practice isn’t rushed along the way.

Implementation approach illustration

Beyond implementation

Post implementation, you can expect to gain efficiencies in your workflows and your partner consultant will be available for additional guidance if you need it.

Beyond implementation illustration


Learn how McEvoy Lelievre & Associates changed their practice with Xero

"With clients, there's a point of contention in the middle about getting paperwork and data transferred over. Well, now that's all seamless. People can focus on running their business and we can focus on getting their accounting data processed."

- Chris McEvoy

Meet our partner consultants

photo of Jo Walker
Deciding to flip

"Be sure to get certified, attend tips & tricks webinars, and use the Demo Company to test out your current processes to quickly get familiar with Xero."

— Tam Nguyen, Seattle, WA

photo of Jo Walker
Data conversions

"Bringing data over to Xero is the core of a conversion. It's important to decide how much and what type of data is necessary to migrate to Xero."

— Phil Skinner, Los Angles, CA

photo of Jo Walker
Committing to change

"Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to change, excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort."

— Corey Green, Atlanta, GA/Miami, FL

photo of Jo Walker
Implementation approach

"Let us help. The partner consultant team leverages implementation experience across thousands of accounting firms to make this process seamless for you."

— Bjorn Monsson, Austin, TX

photo of Jo Walker
Post go-live

"Have an open slate and allow everyone in the firm to contribute to feedback, it’s important for everyone to voice questions and concerns."

— Daniel Gallagher, Houston, TX

photo of Jo Walker
Continued growth

"Automating and streamlining those tedious and manual processes can greatly improve your Firm's Workflow Efficiencies allowing for more time on building new client relationships."

— Kim Hicks, Rest of Country

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