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Powerful tools designed for accountants and bookkeepers. You just need to be set up with the advisor role in Xero to access them.

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Cash coding

Cash coding is the perfect tool for reconciling imported bank statement lines in bulk. It massively reduces the time spent reconciling while increasing accuracy.

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Find and recode

Easily find transactions, fix errors and recode items multiple transaction lines at once. You can edit accounts, tax rates, contacts, and tracking.

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Fixed asset management

Track business assets like vehicles, machinery, computers and office equipment for accounting purposes, and manage their depreciation and disposal.

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Report templates

Report templates let Xero accountants and bookkeepers build customized client reports fast with flexible report templates.

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Uncoded statement line report

Get a simple one-click report showing bank transactions that are yet to be coded that you can export as a PDF or CSV file. Your clients can then add comments offline and return it to you when they’re done.

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Xero Cashbook and Xero Ledger

Xero Cashbook and Xero Ledger are for clients whose needs are more limited - such as clients who need annual accounts preparation or for those that don’t need invoicing. Xero Ledger and Xero Cashbook plans are only available via accounting and bookkeeping practices who are members of the Xero partner program and can subscribe to these plans on behalf of your clients.

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Make life easier with Xero

Manual journals

Create manual journals to work directly with the general ledger, for example, to record accrued expenses or completed work not invoiced.

Repeating journals

Set up a repeating journal to automate a series of recurring journal entries. Insert placeholders for values that depend on the date the repeating journal is created.

Bank statement imports

When you import a client's coded CSV bank statement file, Xero creates bank transactions to match the coded bank statement lines and reconciles them.

Cashflow forecasts

Prepare and build a simple cashflow forecast for your clients based on the past 12 months' data in Xero.

Inter-company funds transfers

Makes transfers of money between different businesses and keep accurate records of the transfers.

Files attachments

Store documents in the file library and attach files to transactions and items in Xero to make compliance easy.

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