Recommend the right apps to your clients

Unlock profit and efficiency for small business clients and grow your practice with the help of Xero’s app playbooks. Plus earn industry-specialist badges to show your experience advising clients on the right apps to run their business beautifully.

Get started on your app advisory journey

The Xero App Store features 1000+ apps that integrate with Xero to help your clients reach their goals. With so many options, it can be hard to know where to begin. Find out how to get started and identify apps that meet the common needs and pain points of businesses in specific industries.

App advisory playbook

Learn what app advisory is and how to get going, knowing that you’re recommending the right apps.

Get the playbook (PDF 3.4MB)

Cash flow playbook

Set your clients on the path to success by improving their cash flow with the right mix of apps.

Get the playbook (PDF 3.4MB)

app advisory
industry playbooks

Trade and construction app playbook

Identify the best trade and construction apps, from job and project management to payroll, for your clients.

Get the playbook (PDF 4.3MB)

Professional services app playbook

Find the most suitable apps to help clients deliver projects, improve cash flow, and manage relationships.

Get the playbook (PDF 6.9MB)

Retail and ecommerce app playbook

Help your clients run smarter retail with the POS, inventory and ecommerce apps that are right for them.

Get the playbook (PDF 3.3MB)

Hospitality playbook

Review the right apps for hospitality clients, including POS, booking systems, employee scheduling and more.

Get the playbook (PDF 4.6MB)


Earn app specialist badges

Deepen your knowledge and learn how to match the needs of your clients with the right apps. Once you’ve completed each course, you’ll be awarded a badge showing you specialise in that area, which will feature on your Xero advisor directory profile. Your practice can also display the badge once it has met the client and app requirements for each badge.

Note: You can do the new Xero cash flow specialist course now. The badge will display on your advisor directory profile in early 2020.

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