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Xero in partnership with DKF

DFK + Xero partnership

DFK International and Xero have partnered in a multi-year long agreement to bring the power of cloud accounting to more firms. DFK has been named as a Xero global partner, meaning that Xero becomes the preferred cloud accounting solution for you and your small to medium business clients.

We believe by combining DFK’s expertise with Xero’s accounting software platform, we’ll work better together to help make life better for advisors and your clients.

Today 62 DFK member firms, in 19 countries already utilize the power of Xero, along with 12,500 DFK clients harnessing Xero to succeed and thrive.

Paper plane flying away

Our goal is to deliver Xero into the hands of many more DFK member firms around the world, helping you drive valuable and insightful conversations with your clients and making ‘doing business’ easier.

Your partnership benefits

Each local DFK member firm that signs a Xero adoption agreement and meets the relevant program targets will get access to these partnership benefits:

A Xero global partner

A new status (badge) and level of global engagement between us.

Dedicated enterprise team

Award winning website

You’ll have access to our Xero enterprise team with regional and global counterparts. We’re here to help grow and support your business.

Get to gold faster

Enjoy gold partner status benefits like higher margins and tools for your practice at no charge.

Xero for purpose

We’ll enable the broader DFK staff base to champion Xero inside a not-for-profit they may be involved in (local football club, charity, and so on) at a discounted price to continue to do good in their community.

Remove barriers to adoption

We’re here with tools and support to help make it easier for you to move clients to Xero, as well as utilize Xero’s tools built to help you run your practice.

Invoices, payments and reports all in one place online

Enable your people

We take an inside out approach to supporting staff in DFK member firms with a focus on both business and soft skills.

Why Xero?

Xero is a leading global cloud accounting software platform for small businesses and advisors, from leading national and global accounting partners to industry associations worldwide. We work with your firm to customize solutions to fit your needs.

By working closely with Xero, DFK member firms will be able to work more efficiently and deliver real-time data and help clients better understand and use this information. Helping business owners explore what matters most to them – whether that’s growing their business, diversifying their products and services, exploring new markets, improving processes, or going completely digital.

  • 3.7 million subscribers subscribers globally
  • 180+ countries where Xero is used
  • 300+ connections to banks and other financial service providers
  • Over 1000 third-party apps that connect to Xero to help solve your clients unique needs

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Leverage the Xero Enterprise Team and connect with them today to learn how they can help support you and your clients.