What’s new for accountants and bookkeepers at Xero?

Discover Xero’s recent product releases for accountants and bookkeepers, along with a look at upcoming product innovation.

Xerocon London 2024

Discover what’s new in Xero

Read our recent blogs outlining what’s new in Xero, including changes to our payroll and invoicing features.

  • What's new in Xero? June 2024

    We’ve rolled out updates to key features in Xero, including improvements to batch bank feeds and AI-generated answers.

  • Xero payroll: What’s new?

    We’re paying back time with new changes in Xero Payroll. These enhancements will automate processes and reduce the risk of manual calculation errors.

  • Xero invoicing: What’s new?

    Our new invoicing solution is a flexible and scalable solution that’s built on the latest technology.

What’s coming up in Xero Tax, Practice Management, Payments & Payroll

Explore highlights from Xerocon London, where we announced upcoming changes to our Tax, Practice Management, Payments and Payroll products.

Xero unleashes a wave of product innovation

Learn more about our suite of product innovations recently announced at Xerocon London.

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Xerocon London 2024

Expanding our tools to include features like partnership tax and the new payroll manager will equip advisors to better support their clients with critical small business needs and move towards a more streamlined practice management experience.

Diya Jolly, Chief Product Officer - Xero

A closer look at upcoming product releases in Xero

Watch this quick video from Xerocon London 2024, where we share details of upcoming product releases in Xero.

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Xerocon London 2024

Discover JAX, your new AI business companion

Just Ask Xero (JAX) automates accounting tasks using smart technology and is powered by generative AI. Here’s everything you need to know about leveraging this new technology.

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Xerocon London 2024

Xero’s 2024 guide to AI for accountants & bookkeepers

Our report explores the latest GenAI developments, along with examples of how accounting & bookkeeping firms are already implementing it.

Read our full guide to AI
Xerocon London 2024

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