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A farmer and his accountant lean on a gate overlooking a ploughed field.

How Xero and Figured work

Xero is the only cloud accounting platform in the UK with farm financial management integration, working hand-in-hand with Figured.

See how Xero partner Nick Banks from Scrutton Bland and his client William Notcutt, of William Notcutt Estates, have used Xero and Figured to have more strategic discussions, access real-time data, and plan for the futur

Aerial view of a tractor working a ploughed field.

Figured’s arable crop tracking product

Figured’s arable tracker gives you the most flexible way to track your client’s arable season production and sales activities, putting you in a strong advisory position.

Xero and Figured in detail

Watch these videos for an in-depth understanding on how Figured works with Xero.

Set up Xero and Figured

An introduction to getting set up efficiently, and how it works.

Get set up with Xero and Figured video still. A farmer and his accountant lean on a gate looking at a ploughed field.

Operations, allocations and planning

Get the most out of entering farm data for budgets and forecasts.

Operations, allocations and planning video still. A tractor ploughs a field.

Moving to advisory

Utilise Xero with Figured to go beyond compliance using scenarios and benchmarking.

Moving to advisory video still. An advisor works with Xero on a laptop computer.

Xero and Figured at work

“Migrating to Xero and Figured means I can have strategic conversations with my accountant based on up-to-date information. We talk less, but we talk better”

– William Notcutt, William Notcutt Estates, Xero and Figured customer

"Using Xero and Figured enables us to engage more with our clients in helping to understand their business objectives and ensuring their assets are enduring for future generations."

– Nick Banks, Scrutton Bland, Xero and Figured partner

A tractor ploughing a field.

Build your own Xero and Figured event

Get your farming clients together and show them first-hand how you can offer an advisory role on top of taking care of the numbers. To get you started, we’ve created a toolkit to help you run a successful event.

How to run a successful event

Ideas and support to run and host your Xero and Figured event.

Cover of the toolkit How to run a successful event. Farmers discuss plans in a greenhouse.

Email templates

Invite clients to your Xero and Figured event using our templates.

Email templates

Printed flyer: Swap farming surprises for solid strategies

Pass these flyers on to clients to demonstrate the opportunities with Xero, Figured and you.

The Swap farming surprises for solid strategies flyer. Two farmers lean on a farm fence.

Presentation: Swap farming surprise for solid strategies

A set of tailored slides to help you show clients how you can help with Xero and Figured.

Swap farming surprises for solid strategies, slide showing a farmer checking bean crops.

Facebook and LinkedIn tiles

Imagery to share on social media.

Social media tile featuring two farmers leaning on a farm fence, as a tractor ploughs the field.

Roller banner

Premium pull-up to use when hosting your Xero and Figured event.

In farming, anything can happen. Roller banner featuring Xero and Figured logos.

Make the most of Xero and Figured

Download these guides to learn more about Xero and Figured. See how you can make the move to advisory – helping your practice and your clients.

Xero partner guide

The cover of the partner guide entitled ‘Farming and agriculure in Xero’.

Figured partner guide

A page from the Figured partner guide to agri accounting services  showing an accountant at a table with two clients.

Need more information

If you need more guidance, get in touch with your account manager.

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