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Marketing your bookkeeping business

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You might deliver an awesome service at a great price, but what if no one knows? Let’s take a look at marketing your bookkeeping services.

Where to start?

You need a channel that can reach your prospects and a message that resonates with them. But there are dozens of each and you can’t afford to try them all.

To get the most bang for your buck, start by getting inside the head of your preferred clients. Find out what keeps them up at night, and find out where they go for information. Then craft messages that address their worries, and put them in the places they’ll get seen.

What to learn and how to use it


Don’t forget word of mouth

Ads, articles, social posts and speaking gigs are great – but there’s nothing like getting a recommendation. An endorsement from one business owner to another carries a lot of weight. Plus clients tend to recommend other business owners like themselves, so you know what you’re going to get. Your work is one of your biggest and best advertisements.

How to get the word out

Check out these guides on promoting a bookkeeping or accounting practice.

This guide is intended as general information only. Always check with a professional for advice.

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