Chapter 2

Getting your team up to speed

Explore strategies for getting your team ready for MTD for ITSA.


Making sure your team is fully up to speed on Making Tax Digital for ITSA is key to your practice’s success. Are staff members able to answer those tricky client questions? Have you thought of all the scenarios and your necessary responses to give your clients peace of mind?

Here’s how to keep your team in the loop.

Create FAQs for your practice staff

If you’ve received questions about MTD for ITSA from your clients, consider recording them in a single document along with your practice’s agreed responses. FAQs help your team to remain on-message and will streamline the client experience. Take a look at our FAQs for self-employed clients and landlord clients to get started.

Use the resources already available

Xero’s MTD for ITSA content hub

We have lots of resources to help your practice prepare for MTD for ITSA, including a dedicated online hub that covers every aspect of the new legislation. Take a look at our MTD for ITSA content hub here.

HMRC guidance and resources

HMRC has published guidance on Making Tax Digital for ITSA which provides clarification on who will be affected and the impact it will have. It’s important that your team is well-versed in these updates, and you can use them to form your FAQ responses.