Partner consultant resource hub

Our Xero partner consultants are qualified accounting experts that can help you get the most out of Xero.

Three Xero consultants standing together smiling, with illustrations of clouds and lightning bolts hovering over their heads.

Because even experts need experts

Even the best of us need a hand. Our Xero partner consultants have the tools and know-how to help with goals, growth, change and advising.

Meet the team
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How to get your clients on Xero

Migrating to Xero has never been easier. Our dedicated team does the bulk of the work for you plus we offer self-service conversion tools.

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Advance your cloud accountancy journey

Check out Xero Energise, a series of webinars split into five stages from migration to onboarding to help you get the most out of Xero.

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What is Xero Energise?

Learn about the Xero Energise webinars in this video

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The Xero partner consulting team helped us to understand the challenges of MTD and how we can streamline our practice to become more efficient moving to the cloud.

Hear from our experts

Stacey Morrison: The ‘cultivator’

Break down barriers to seamlessly onboard clients to Xero.

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Casey-Jane Aldous-Ball: The ‘guide’

Three steps to create a team of Xero advocates.

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Allan Davidson: The ‘compass’

Getting prepared for the next phase of MTD for VAT.

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Introducing the experts for the experts

Meet our UK partner consulting team, a group of qualified accountants, industry and project experts with years of experience.

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Three Xero consultants standing together smiling, with illustrations of clouds and lightning bolts around their heads.

Co-branded resources to use with your clients

We’ve put together a collection of co-branded resources that can be personalised so you can talk about and promote Xero.

  • Included
    Use a co-branded client flyer and a co-branded master presentation when you’re discussing Xero with your clients.
  • Included
    Get copies of the Xero solution matrix, and guides on moving your clients to Xero and hosting a winning virtual event.
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Access partner consultants and resources

Contact your Xero account manager to be put in touch with the partner consultant whose specialisation best meets your needs.

Do services from the team cost?

No, access to support, tools and resources from the partner consulting team is free to Xero partners.

Does it cost to move client info?

No, we’ll do the bulk of the work for you. We also partner with Move my Books to help you migrate clients.

Move clients to Xero

What tools can I access right now?

The partner consulting hub and the Xero Energise series are great ways to get started.

Xero Energise series