Our partner consulting team is here to help

Our partner consulting team has over thirty qualified accountants and project experts with many years of experience.

Three Xero partner consultants with illustrated graphs, light bulbs and lightning bolts above their heads.

Our team can help in a range of ways including data migration support, client onboarding, team training and how to keep your practice running smoothly.

Let our team support your business growth

Our partner consulting team can help your business in a range of ways.

A partner consultant smiling and looking to the side at illustrated lines and graphs.

Client data migration

Move your data efficiently.

A partner consultant smiling and looking up at illustrated lines and graphs.

Client onboarding

Migrate your clients with ease.

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Designed to help you on your cloud accounting journey.

Meet the team

Here is an introduction to a few of our partner consultants highlighting their areas of expertise.

Allan Davidson: The ‘compass’

Helping you set and stay on course for digital adoption.

Partner consultant Allan Davidson smiling and looking up at illustrated graphs.

Allan is an experienced former accountant who has worked in a range of medium-sized firms over the years. Allan gets it. He keeps you moving in the right direction with expert stakeholder management to help speed up your cloud adoption, no matter the size of your practice.

Kundai Denga: The ‘coach’

Coaching you to reach your goals.

Partner consultant Kundai Denga smiling and looking up at illustrated lines and light bulbs.

Fast. A former sprinter now known for moving projects forward at pace, Kundai is an expert at helping you set goals and move rapidly towards success. Equipped with a deep understanding of various specialist industries, Kundai is your ‘go-to’ person if you’re looking to establish the best workflows for your clients’ specific needs within Xero.

Claire Palmer: The ‘implementer’

Demolishing your workflow pain points.

Partner consultant Claire Palmer smiling and looking up at illustrated lines and graphs.

Claire excels at creating and connecting tools that will help you work more efficiently, improving collaboration between your practice and your clients, and implementing compliance solutions such as Xero Tax.

Paul Langhorn: The ‘workflow ninja’

Keeping you and your clients compliant. Always.

Partner consultant Paul Langhorn with hand on chin and illustrated clouds and clock hovering above his head.

Paul is Xero’s expert when it comes to connecting tools such as Xero Tax and streamlining any compliance function. He’ll put your compliance solutions under the microscope and your practice is bound to be better off for it.

Drew Savani: The ‘automation ace’

Born to save you time and energy.

 Partner consultant Drew Savani smiling with eyes closed and illustrated lines and graphs hovering above his head.

Drew is your trump card when looking for ways to streamline your workflows and automate the tasks that take up time. With four years’ experience working in practice and a further two working in financial services he understands how important it is to maximise efficiencies. He’s made it his mission to educate partners on the power of automation tools such as Hubdoc to give them valuable time back to focus on the value-adding aspects of advising.

Lizzie Ropke: The ‘efficiency queen’

Streamlining your practice just got a whole load simpler.

 Partner consultant Lizzie Ropke smiling and holding her hand out to illustrated lines and graphs.

Lizzie has a keen eye for detail and is the perfect person to look at your current ways of working and identifying areas where you can improve. She can offer superior support in how you can nail the nitty-gritty tasks that can take your practice to the next level. Whether it be getting the most out of data capture tools such as Hubdoc or improving your bank reconciliation process she can help make your life a whole lot easier.

Charlotte Weiss: The ‘pathfinder’

Helping you plant seeds for future growth.

Partner consultant Charlotte Weiss holding her hand out to illustrated lines and graphs.

Charlotte is known for nurturing our partner community, helping practices flourish by challenging the status quo and opening their eyes to new ways of working. Charlotte is passionate about passing on efficiencies, tips, and tricks that she wished she knew during her time in practice to our partner community.

Matt Willis: The ‘migration wizard’

All your migration and conversion woes sorted.

Partner consultant Matt Willis smiling and holding his hand out to illustrated lines and graphs.

Matt works his magic supporting your practice with conversions, migrations and technical solutions to data problems. Matt is a self proclaimed ‘data nerd’ who loves making the complex simple. Making your data beautiful and saving you time in the process. If you need guidance on any part of migrating your clients to Xero, Matt’s your guy.

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