Xero is your best asset when applying for a small business loan or finance

Share your financial data in Xero directly with leading lenders during the application process, so you get a decision faster.

Why use your Xero data

small business funding

Speedy application

  • Apply for a business loan or finance with one of our lending partners in as little as 20 minutes.

  • Just make sure your information is correct and up-to-date in Xero before you apply.


Share financials directly with the lender

  • Forget about preparing paperwork.
  • Simply connect your Xero organisation during the application process and your financial reports and other Xero data will be securely shared with the lender.


Get a decision sooner

  • Giving the lender access to your business financials in Xero means they have the information they need to make a decision faster.
  • The quicker you know the lender’s decision, the quicker you can act.


Rest assured your Xero data is safe

  • Your Xero data will be securely shared with the lender on your consent.
  • Xero protects the privacy of your data using multiple layers of protection including encryption.

Explore different types of business loans & finance

Xero has partnered with financial institutions to streamline the process to get finance for your small business.

Business loan

Borrow a lump sum of money that you pay back over an agreed time period in a series of repayments. This is generally a medium to long-term financing solution.

Invoice finance

Receive payment for your invoices straight away instead of waiting 30 days or more for your customers to pay. This is generally a short to medium-term financing solution.

Line of credit

Apply for credit up to a limit set by the finance provider, to give you access to funds when you need them. This is generally a short to medium-term solution.

Business cash advance

Borrow a sum of money with repayments adapted to your cash flow. Repayments are based on a pre-agreed percentage of the business’s card transactions rather than a fixed amount. This is generally a short to medium-term solution.


The iwoca application and integration was seamless. I was able to upload everything in a few minutes and get a decision very quickly. This would have taken months in the bank!

Brendan Malone, Xero customer

Before you apply

Before you apply steps

Work with your advisor to get finance ready

Make sure that the information in Xero is correct, complete and up to date so that your business is in the best position to get approval. Here is a guide on how you can work with your advisor to build your Xero data to be your best asset.

• Make sure you have an accountant or bookkeeper to set up and oversee your Xero account. Find an experienced advisor here.

• Get bank feeds direct to Xero so your bank transactions automatically flow in. Then create bank rules to help make it easier to reconcile transactions.

• Use other features in Xero to automate the entry of information, such as email to bills. The more information that flows in, the more powerful your Xero data becomes.

• Reconcile all your transactions before you start a loan application.

• Use an app like Hubdoc to help keep your digital records up to date automatically. Lenders often use official documents such as utility bills and bank statements to validate your identity.


Want to know more?

Important notice

This page contains general information only and should not be taken as taxation, financial, investment or legal advice. Xero recommends that you always obtain specific and detailed professional advice about any business, lending and credit decisions.

It’s up to you to assess the suitability of any loan, product or service before going ahead.

Note that, for regulatory reasons, you won’t be able to apply for small business finance using your Xero data if you are an individual, partnership of two or three persons (unless all partners are bodies corporate), or an unincorporated body of persons (unless all persons are bodies corporate) which is not a partnership.

Xero may receive payments or commissions from lenders when Xero customers choose their financial products or services.