Accounting software for managing cash flow

Feel in control with Xero’s powerful cash flow predictions and customisable real-time analysis of business performance.

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Manage your cash flow

Xero’s real-time dashboard puts you in control of your numbers, giving you a view of your business finances that's always up-to-date.

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Get paid faster

Online invoice payments allow your customers to pay you securely in a few clicks, which can result in you getting paid up to twice as fast.

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Predict the future

Xero’s powerful new tool, Analytics Plus, helps you spot opportunities and mitigate risks. See and plan up to 90 days in the future.

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It’s made a really big difference in keeping my finances organised

Nubian Skin use Xero to manage their business finances

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Managing cash flow resources

Maintaining healthy cash flow is now more important than ever. Here are some expert resources from Xero to help your business with cash flow

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Cash flow resource hub

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