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The design grad program at Xero


Design programs at Xero include roles in our product design and digital design teams. This year, we’re hiring for roles in product design, design research, and a production coordinator in the media team.

The grad program is a permanent role at Xero. After completing the grad year, you’ll be promoted into the next stage of your chosen career path.

Given the specialist nature of the roles, you’ll spend the entire program with the same team working on different projects and building up your skill set to progress your career in your chosen field. 

We are only able to accept one application per candidate, so please think carefully about which role you’d like to apply for. If you would like to chat to a Xero employee before applying, find out how and when you can meet the team.


There's a lot of focus and attention on support and wellbeing. We really work with our graduates to figure out what is the right fit for them.


Celine Ahkit