FAQs about the grad program

All about the Xero grad program: how to apply, application tips, and life as a Xero grad.

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About Xero

Joining Xero means joining a community of thinkers, creators and educators working towards the same goal of making life better for people in small business, their advisors, and communities around the world. We’re seeking to rewire the world of small business, making it seamless, simpler and smarter. While Xero now has offices around the world and is listed on the ASX, Xero was founded and remains headquartered in New Zealand.

How the Xero grad program invests in you

When you join us as a grad, we’ll invest in you and support you to learn on the job, taking ownership of your work and your future career. You’ll make lifelong connections, build a professional network, and develop your skills. You’ll get the opportunity to find your passion, push yourself professionally and find the support you need to bring your ideas to fruition. After the program, you’re guaranteed a permanent position in line with your career aspirations. As well as the three streams in the grad program, we offer summer internship opportunities.

Summer internships

We hire our interns at the same time as our graduate program. A Xero internship is a three-month paid position over the summer, starting in November 2022 and ending in mid-February 2023. During that time, you’ll work alongside one team on their day-to-day work. See our internship page for more details.

The application process

You’ll progress through the application process in these stages.

1. Submit your CV and meet the eligibility criteria

5 mins

The first thing you need to do is meet the eligibility criteria.

Our eligibility criteria for the graduate program are:

  • Full-time working rights
  • Fewer than 12 months professional working experience in relevant industries
  • Availability to start full-time in February 2023

Our eligibility criteria for internships are:

  • Availability for full-time work from November 2022 through to February 2023
  • Be in your the penultimate year of study in your chosen field

When you apply, your CV will only be used to verify your eligibility and won’t be used for screening purposes.

2. Complete a values assessment

5–10 mins

Once you’ve met the eligibility criteria, you’ll be invited to complete a values assessment.

3. Complete behavioural and skills assessments

30–90 mins

Then you’ll be asked to complete a behavioural assessment – which you can practice here – and, if you’re applying for the design or technical program, a technical skills assessment (30–90 mins).

For technical roles, you’ll need to complete a HackerRank test – which you can practice here. While it’s not all about the test results, this is a language-agnostic testing platform that helps us understand what level and range of skills you currently have.

For design roles, there’ll be a multiple-choice skills test to also help us understand your level of technical knowledge.

4. Record a short video interview for our team

20–25 mins

Next, you’ll be invited to pre-record a video interview for our team.

If your video interview is successful, you’ll be invited to attend a grad day.

We’ll review all applications before making a decision so you can expect to hear from us in June 2022.

5. Attend the virtual grad day

The grad day is a half-day virtual event where you'll be assessed across three different activities: an interview, a technical assessment, and a group activity. You’ll also have an opportunity to learn more about Xero and the grad program, and meet some previous grads.

Application basics and tips

How to make your application stand out

It’s not all about your grades – we want to know who you are and what you’re passionate about. We live by our values, so show us if and how you resonate with those.

Early applications aren’t given priority

Every eligible applicant is given the same opportunity to go through the assessment process and we’ll process all applications once the application date has closed. So the timing of your application has no bearing on the outcome. However, applying early means you’ll have more time to go through each stage of the assessment.

Don’t miss the closing date!

To keep our process fair for everyone who applies, we are unable to accept any applications past our application close date.

No cover letter required

Cover letters are not a part of Xero’s graduate recruitment process. We’ll find out everything we need through the application process.

Overseas applications

If you’re applying from overseas, please get in touch with the grad team to discuss your options in more detail. Email gradcareers@xero.com for more information.

No need to travel for recruitment and assessment

The entire Xero grad recruitment process is done online, with a virtual assessment centre as the last stage, so you won’t need to travel.

Application skills and experience

All experience is a chance to learn and grow, so mention it on your CV even if it’s not directly associated with the work you’d do at Xero. The grad program is an opportunity to learn, so don’t worry too much about your CV as we’ll give you opportunities to show us your potential throughout the application process.

Don’t worry about gaps in your CV

Gaps in CVs are normally there for a reason. If you’re comfortable explaining the gap, do it. If not, no problem, it’s totally up to you. The grad program is an opportunity to learn, so don’t worry too much about your CV as we’ll give you opportunities to show us your potential throughout the application process.

Xero values soft skills as well as technical skills

Soft skills, like good communication skills and having a growth mindset, are highly relevant to the grad program.

Technical languages may be helpful, but aren’t mandatory

Depending on which team you join, there may be some technical languages that are helpful to know. However, if you don’t know something, you can learn it here at Xero. We specify which languages and technologies we need in our job ads, if relevant.

You may need to take a technical test

For technical roles, you’ll need to complete a HackerRank test. While it’s not all about the test results, this is a language-agnostic testing platform that helps us understand what level and range of skills you currently have. You can take a practice test right now at HackerRank.

For design roles, there’s a multiple-choice skills test to help us understand your level of technical knowledge. Find out more and take a trial Talegent assessment here.

You don’t need a degree to apply

We accept applications from students with degrees, diplomas, masters, PhDs, as well as people who’ve done a bootcamp or are self-taught.

Xero grad program is an entry-level program

The Xero grad program is for people who have less than a year’s professional work experience as it teaches skills and competencies from entry level. If you have part-time work experience, that’s awesome, but if you have a couple of years under your belt then you may be better suited to a junior or intermediate role, so keep an eye on our careers page.

Can I apply from overseas?

If you’re applying from overseas, please get in touch with the grad team to discuss your options in more detail. Email gradcareers@xero.com for more information.

About grad roles and futures

What to expect from the Xero grad program

The grad program is a year-long experience that varies depending on what type of role you’re applying for. Our technical grads – engineers, developers, data specialists – rotate through three different areas of Xero and experience different tech stacks and teams. Our design and business grads tend to stay in one or two teams for the whole year, as this fits better with the type of work they do. For more information, attend an event or book a 10-minute session to chat to our team.

Xero grads are permanent employees

You’re guaranteed a permanent position within our Xero family after you complete the grad program. We even have a special ‘un-graduation’ ceremony at the end of the year to celebrate you joining the business as a fully-fledged Xero. The intern roles are fixed-term contracts over the summer.

Learning and development during the grad program

When you join the grad program, we don’t expect you to know everything. The grad program is an opportunity for you to continue learning and developing. Throughout the grad year you’ll be given training to build your professional and technical skills and you’ll have access to a learning budget to use for external training and resources.

You’ll have a lot of support in the form of your buddy, your people lead, your team, and the grad team. You’ll have weekly meetings, training sessions and formal check-ins throughout the year so you’re able to grow and develop.

Which grad programs involve rotations

  • Technical programs: Technical programs involve three rotations, each lasting three months to provide opportunities to experience working in different teams on a wide range of tech stacks and products.
  • Design and business programs: Given the specialist nature of the roles in our design and business programs, you’ll spend the entire program with the same team working on different projects and building up your skill set to progress your career in your chosen field.

What team you’ll join when you finish the program

For technical roles, your permanent placement isn’t usually decided until your last rotation. We’ll ask you for your preference and gather feedback from the teams you’ve worked in to find a placement that matches your skills and interests.

Other grads may be placed in their permanent team from the start of the program. Usually this means we’ve got specialist rotations in mind for you, so you’ll still get heaps of learning opportunities and all the support you need.

If you have a preference about the area you’d like to work in, let us know in your application. If not, don’t worry, we’ll talk to you about it throughout the recruitment process.

Grad roles are flexible but not fully remote

We’ve found that the best way for us to support you and for you to get the most from the grad program is that you have opportunities to work and collaborate with your teams in person every once in a while. Therefore, while we don’t offer any fully remote graduate roles, we’re open to considering flexible ways of working and accommodating it where we can. A lot of grads find that they have the opportunity to work a couple of days from home in a week, however, this is a personal preference.

Life at Xero

Starting at Xero

Your first week at Xero is focused on making sure you have everything you need to start working. We’ll get you set up with the right tech, you’ll meet your team, your manager, and the grad team responsible for running the program.

It’s important that we give you a really great start to your career, so we’ll cover all the processes in place to support your development. We focus on your technical development and your professional skills, including empowering you to set your own goals and choosing the learning opportunities available. We commit to giving continuous feedback throughout the year to make sure you know where you are in achieving your goals.

A great working environment

Our buildings are high-spec and fairly new. We have an open-plan layout with collaborative working spaces. We’ve got great free facilities in our offices including a barista who makes awesome coffee, fruit delivered daily, Friday social with drinks, snacks and yarns from 4pm, and even an onsite gym in some of our offices.

The Xero company culture and values

Our culture is built on our values: human, team, beautiful, ownership and challenge. We’re real people who treat each other with respect, and we work hard to deliver a product to delight our customers. We’re inclusive and friendly – our dress code is casual and you'll be welcome to take part in various social activities.

Recognition as a top graduate employer

We’re recognised as a top graduate employer in Australia and New Zealand. You can see the awards that Xero has received at our awards page.

Diversity and inclusion

Xero champions diversity and inclusion to create better outcomes for our people and our customers.

We acknowledge, respect and celebrate all the ways our staff are different and create an inclusive culture so we can really tap into the power of our differences.

In 2018, Xero NZ was awarded the Rainbow Tick, a diversity and inclusion award that formally recognises that it’s a safe and inclusive workplace for the LGBTQI+ community.

Logos of four awards that Xero has received for its grad program.

“Everybody genuinely cares about each other as people. That makes the work more exciting because we want to work with and for each other.”

Kaia Costanza-Van Den Belt | Graduate Engineer