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Gain a greater understanding of e-invoicing with these most frequently asked questions – and our answers.

What do I need to know about e-invoicing

E-invoicing is designed to reduce errors and delays, by sending your invoices directly to your customers’ accounting system. You can now send and receive your invoice from Xero and it will arrive in your customer’s accounting system ready to be approved and paid.

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What are some of the benefits?

Businesses of all sizes will benefit from the efficiencies of sending and receiving e-invoices in Xero. With better security, reduced costs, a more accurate view of your cash flow and shorter payment cycles, if you're ready from the get go, you'll reap the rewards earlier.

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Frequently asked questions

Sending e-invoices in Xero

Register and receive e-invoices in Xero

You can also visit the ATO website for further information on e-invoicing

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