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To our Xero family

During this challenging time, we’re committed to supporting our community however we can.

We’ve put together a dedicated Business Continuity Hub on Xero Central as well as a series of webinars to help give you the tools to keep your business moving, adapt to working remotely and support your mental wellbeing and that of those around you.

Learn more about our commitment to our community.

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Leverage Xero to work remotely

Discover how to embrace cloud features to deliver efficiency and financial visibility when working remotely.

Run your business remotely (webinar)

Run your practice remotely (webinar)

Manage your cashflow (webinar)

Manage payroll from anywhere (webinar)

Automate running your business (webinar)

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Shifting the way you do business

Embrace the tools and skills that will enable you and your employees to continue to work as effectively online as you do in the office.

What is business continuity and why is it important (webinar)

Run a virtual event or meeting (webinar)

Maintain connection & performance in virtual teams (webinar)

Connect & communicate virtually with customers (webinar)

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Government support

Below, you’ll find an up-to-date list of financial relief measures and programs designed to support businesses impacted by COVID-19 here in Australia. We’ll be adding any new programs as they become available.

ATO Support for businesses

Australian Government business support and assistance

The Treasury's Economic Response

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Manage wellbeing and stress

It can be difficult to find your new 'normal' in times of uncertainty. Explore practical research-backed tips to boost your wellbeing and mindset, manage your energy and adapt to change.

The stress response and resilience (webinar)

Build positive wellbeing habits (webinar)

Manage your energy during times of change (webinar)

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During this period of disruption, your accountant or bookkeeper will be a key source of advice on your specific circumstances and can help with contingency, cash flow and supply chain planning. If you don’t have an accountant or bookkeeper, you can find one nearby in the Xero advisor directory.