Take the work out of workpapers

Workpapers is an online tool that makes processing compliance
faster & smarter than ever before.

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Data flow, not data entry

Financial data flows seamlessly between Xero & Workpapers. Any changes only need to be made once – the data in both apps will be kept up-to-date & accurate.

Control your workflow

Start the job when you’re ready. The data you need is automatically imported from Xero. Any extra info can be requested from the client who can upload it straight into Workpapers.

Collaborate online

Workpapers is online so you can work with your clients & team without having to be side-by-side. Share, review & complete jobs together – from anywhere, anytime.

Free for Xero Partners

Workpapers – free for Silver, Gold & Platinum-level Xero Partners.
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“Clients are responding much more quickly... and the time from the job coming in the door to going out is much shorter”
Lisa Stribley, Hansens
“Workpapers has absolutely streamlined our year-end compliance – we turn work around so much faster than in the past”
Justin Keen, Cloud Accountants