Get a quick visual snapshot of business performance

Clearly understand what the finances are saying about how the business is performing so you can address concerns and make the most of opportunities at any specific point in time.

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Business snapshot is here to stay

Business snapshot is available on all Xero business edition plans as a continuous feature. It helps businesses to get a better understanding of what’s going on financially and make more informed decisions, so it’s especially relevant in these difficult times.

What financial information you see

Business snapshot displays a range of financial metrics including income, expenses, average time to get paid and average to to pay suppliers (debtor and creditor days), balance sheet and cash balance. 

It lets you identify trends over time and evaluate where a business is at over the last month, quarter or financial year and the year to date. You’ll save time running different reports when you just need a quick update.

You can print a business snapshot and save it as a pdf whenever you want to share with others or keep for future reference.



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Who can see business snapshot

The business snapshot is included in all Xero starter, standard, premium plans to anyone with read-only, standard+reports, or advisor user roles. It’s available from the Business menu as well as the Accounting>Reports menu.


How’s it different to the Xero dashboard?

The Xero dashboard tells you how the business is doing today. It provides a health check that mainly looks at day-to-day changes in bank balances, unreconciled transactions, invoice payments that you’re waiting for, and bills that you need to pay.

The business snapshot
 shows you how the business is doing this month, this quarter, or this year. It provides a broader view of trends in business  performance and profitability over longer periods of time.

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Keep a watch out for more...

We'll be adding some premium functionality at a later date, and we’re keen to receive your feedback as we continue development. Let us know what works well, what could be better, and what else you’d like to see by contacting us via Xero Central.

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