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How Pennyhills is on track to double their client base

Sach Yadav explains how saving time on manual accounting tasks helped his practice focus on business development and networking.

Case study and video

Find out how Pennyhills has implemented Xero and grown the practice.

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Headshot of Xero partner, Larissa Feeney

The beauty of it all is the in-built integrations between all of these different apps. The whole thing saves time and creates better efficiencies within the practice.

Sach Yadav, Pennyhills

How Cottons Group do more for their clients

Emma Reid is supporting clients of all sizes in driving their businesses forward, staying on top of cash flow, and getting paid faster.

Case study and video

Find out how Xero's partner consultants support Cottons Group.

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Headshot of Xero partner, Paul Redman

Since adopting Xero, we're averaging about 49% time saving across all jobs. I feel like that return on investment is immediate.

Emma Reid, Cottons Group

How Box Accounts save 100 hours each month

Gary Deans saw his firm's turnover increase by 50% in 2022, driven forward by efficiencies achieved through software.

Case study and video

Find out how Box Accounts spend more time advising clients.

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Headshot of Xero partner, Aoife Kelly

Getting the right systems in place helps me to spend more time with my family while giving the clients more too. It's about working smarter, not harder.

Gary Deans, Box Accounts

How Thorne Widgery delivers more value to their clients

Dan Crowther automates routine admin with Xero, allowing his practice to focus on advisory work with their clients.

Case study and video

Find out how Thorne Widgery began to provide a completely different service for their clients.

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Headshot of Xero partner, Rory Williams

From an employee or team perspective, we now do much more enjoyable work.

Dan Crowther, Thorne Widgery

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