Choosing clients to add to Hubdoc

If you want to introduce the benefits of data capture to more clients, here's how to decide who to start with.

Take a staged approach

We recommend trying out Hubdoc within your own company first to understand what your clients need to know. Then add small groups of five clients at a time. If you intend to add all of your clients to Hubdoc, it’s best to do it over time in stages.

Identify clients who’ll benefit the most

You may already have some clients in mind because you can see the difference Hubdoc would make. If not, consider selecting clients who:

  • are always behind with sending you their bills and receipts
  • have a high volume of recurring bills (especially from online suppliers)
  • mail, email, or drop off their documents to you in a shoebox for you to do the data entry
  • are great to collaborate with and with whom you have a great relationship
  • are open to change and/or learning new technology
  • struggle with organising their documents in one place
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Communicating the value of Hubdoc

Your clients will need to understand the benefits they’ll get through using Hubdoc.

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