Chapter 1

What is ecommerce management?

We explain what ecommerce management is and how it differs from physical retail.

Illustrated tablet showing online shop.

Ecommerce management is more than just having an online store; it encompasses all aspects of selling online – like web design, user experience (UX), marketing, customer service, sales and logistics. Everything that moves your product from the shopping cart to shoppers’ doorstep.

Just like running a physical store, managing an online business requires specific skills. Taking care of a physical store could mean updating the fixtures, cleaning the displays, and dressing the shop window. Taking care of an online store looks different. You’ll be updating your website with new products and features, ensuring the user experience meets customer needs, and experimenting with marketing channels.

In the early stages of growing an ecommerce business, you might have found yourself taking on the role of an ecommerce manager. Doing things like market research, tweaking your website to make it more user-friendly, managing inventory, or reviewing store analytics to guide sales strategy.

But once you’ve established your business and are looking to scale, you’re likely to need an ecommerce manager or management team to help with the upkeep of your online store. You can learn more about developing an ecommerce management team in Chapter 5.


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Ecommerce management: a guide for small businesses

In this definitive guide, we cover everything you need to know about ecommerce management for your growing business.

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