Chapter 6

How to calculate a break-even point in Excel

Find out how to calculate your business’ break-even point in Excel with the help of a downloadable Excel template.


You can also use Microsoft Excel to calculate your break-even point in monetary value or units. To perform a break-even analysis in Excel, you can choose to either:

  1. Use the break-even analysis formula: Total revenue/ (selling price per unit- variable cost per unit).
  2. Calculate a break-even point using the ‘Goal Seek’ feature in Excel.
  3. Calculate a break-even point using your sales data and a sales table to produce a break-even chart.

Our downloadable Excel template can provide handy formulas and information on how to calculate your break-even point in Excel using one of the choices above. You can also create a break even report in Xero using the reporting functionality.

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