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The way that financial service providers interact with small businesses globally has fundamentally changed.

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We are at an inflection point

With the financial services industry facing a wave of digital disruption, the sector is starting to reshape. The change is driven by new technology, regulation, the need for cost reduction and changing consumer behaviour.

More than ever, small business customers have a choice of which financial services institutions they have a banking relationship with.  Global adoption of the API by financial services and fintechs coupled with the customer having the choice to share their financial data from within Xero is shifting the power back to the customer whilst opening up opportunities for banks and business finance providers to innovate and better serve the small business market.


ANZ's Shayne Elliott says data sharing needs careful design to avoid fraud

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Data access: Banks and Technology companies are learning to share

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Capital One and Xero partner to drive greater efficiencies for small businesses

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Is the dust settling over data-sharing agreements?

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What we can achieve

Xero’s intention is to enable (not compete with) financial institutions so, together, we can:

  • help small businesses at scale

  • connect small business to digital services

  • implement reciprocal data-sharing

Hear Xero CEO Rod Drury explain the financial web in 35 seconds.

The Financial Web

A connected network drives better business

Xero small business customers connect with their banks and with their accountants and bookkeepers via Xero’s online accounting platform. 

It’s a web of financial connections that enables banks to deliver innovative services and enhanced customer experiences.

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