Kung Fu Accounting

Community Impact Award

"We’re delighted that Kung Fu Accounting is the Xero Community Impact winner. As a team we were blown away by the approach Kung Fu takes to helping others and the community around them to thrive and succeed. We especially loved the variety of causes they support, from the homeless to the environment, and the variety of forms of support, with over 150 hours of pro bono time given over the past year between just three staff members. 

Kung Fu Accounting are the pinnacle of community impact. We’re so impressed by the sheer amount of initiatives that they carried out over the last 12 months and continue to do so. 

Here are some examples of their amazing achievements

  • Contributed to feeding 280 people in the Stroud district, including 10 long-term homeless individuals in their home town

  • Provided hats to 25 homeless people in Ipswich and 25 in Cheltenham, via Beanies Masato

  • Directly supported 60 local businesses through covid-19 — indirectly helping many more

  • Planted 255 forest trees in Kenya

  • Gave 357 days of water pump maintenance to a school in Tanzania

  • Delivered 61 days of bookkeeping training available to women in Malawi

  • Donated a care bag to a child every time they sign up a new client

  • Donated 3% of their annual turnover for local organisations to apply for financial support through our community fund

At Xero we live by our values and it’s amazing to see how Kung Fu Accounting also live by theirs. Very well done on a well-deserved win!”

Community Connect is Xero’s employee volunteering program. In the UK, the Community Connect team is a group of 10 people who focus on giving people time in their work day to make a difference in the communities in which they live and work through various activities.