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UK Accounting and bookkeeping partner categories

A 100% Xero practice since 2011, Adams O'Rourke Accountants serve clients across the country with a tailored combination of compliance and advisory services. Joan has demonstrated an exceptional level of client care and provided real value to her clients. This is apparent in the initial stages of client onboarding, right through to regular check-ins aided by informed meeting agendas and feedback to ensure she’s continually delivering value to the client. This is a fantastic example of a sole practitioner using Xero to improve her business and that of her clients. Finalists: LJM Bookkeeping, TNG.

Sole Practitioner of the Year

Tennick Accountants has embraced digitalisation with Xero embedded in everything they do. Taking on a ‘business first and finance second’ approach, they recognise the mental struggles of business owners, putting them at the heart of what they do by upskilling their team on coaching, and focusing on mental health. Tennick Accountants have successfully built a strong foundation through Xero, which is echoed through the expertise that their team offers and continues to maintain. Finalists: EOG Accounting, Linford Grey Associates and Starfish Accounting.

Small Firm of the Year

Sempar Accountancy and Tax puts clients at the heart of their offering by developing services based on clients’ key needs, wants and pain points to ensure the services they offer go above and beyond expectations. They’ve demonstrated an industry-leading Net Promoter Score, a highly curated and innovative product stack adding real value for clients, all while demonstrating impressive year on year growth. Sempar Accountancy and Tax are an exceptional example of a firm that continues to adapt, inspire, and innovate, leading the way in cloud-based technology and creating significant value for their clients. Finalists: Ashton McGill, Valued Accountancy.

Mid-size Firm of the Year

Established in 2015, Accounts and Legal have a mission to make the lives of business-owners simpler. Regular contact with clients helps lay the foundations for the firm's strong relationships, continually advocating the benefits of automation for giving clients their time back. This firm has shown a true commitment to educating others on the power of technology to drive business performance, standing out from the crowd and driving huge success through social platforms such as LinkedIn and TikTok. Accounts and Legal are true leaders in their field, who think outside the box and go above and beyond for clients. Finalists: Shorts, BHP.

Large Firm of the Year

Azets are the largest regional advisor to small to medium sized businesses across the UK, helping them grow, achieve their ambitions and ensure compliance. They have taken a highly strategic and outstanding commitment to digitisation across their network of offices, creating Digital Delivery Teams and a Digital Success Community who take a client-centric approach in providing training and support. Azets have leveraged Xero and the app ecosystem to migrate thousands of clients in the space of 12 months, delivering an invaluable and best in class solution. Finalists: Armstrong Watson, Mazars.

National Partner of the Year

Fresh Financials is a 100% digital bookkeeping practice, making physical receipts and invoices a thing of the past. By taking a cloud-based approach they effectively remove manual tasks so they can add more value to their clients' businesses. They’ve shown huge commitment to leading the way, with a comprehensive application demonstrating their passion for helping the next generation understand the numbers. Their depth of Xero knowledge and the marketplace, their commitment to supporting their team, and helping clients sleep at night with accurate, up to date figures is inspiring. Finalists: LJM Bookkeeping, Normans Bookkeeping & Payroll, Accountability Edinburgh.

Bookkeeping Partner of the Year

Thorne Widgery is Total Xero through and through, having invested fully in the Xero product suite to meet the needs of their firm and their clients. With all clients on Xero, they’re making excellent use of Xero Practice Manager and workpapers, as well as the app ecosystem even building their own apps to solve their clients’ unique business problems. Judges called this entry ‘inspiring!’ Finalists: BW Business Accounts & Advisors, KRW Accountants.

Total Xero

FD Works saw a direct need within the accounting community to bring more diverse talent into accountancy and set about breaking the mould to champion the industry for the next generation. They have done this through inspiring young people and giving them the tools and opportunity to progress their career in accountancy, leaving them with a sense of confidence and direction about their future. FD Works are an exceptional example of how a firm has gone above and beyond outside of the office to give back to the community. Finalists: BW Business Accountants & Advisers, Simpkins Edwards LLP.

Community Impact

LJM Bookkeeping has a clear vision, and that’s to move the bookkeeping industry forward, using technology to automate data entry tasks, and free up time for clients to use in more valuable ways. Developing customised workflows using AI and non-industry specific tools such as Stream Decks, they’re an exceptional example of using technology to their advantage, standing out from the crowd to attract more high-value work. A strong advocate for technology and all things Xero, LJM Bookkeeping are forward-thinking and encourage others in the bookkeeping community to improve their efficiencies and boost their confidence too. Finalists: Pillow May, Shorts.

Innovative Partner of the Year

Lauren and Georgi have each demonstrated an unwavering level of support and commitment to Xero, continually offering (and accepting requests for) their time, expertise and experience. As members of our Xero Partner Advisory Council, they are forthcoming with feedback and insight, always shared with great care and thought for our business and people. They’ve been eager and willing to advocate for Xero publicly and behind closed doors; have tested and provided feedback on product; participated in panels, podcasts and case studies; supported us in our lobbying of government; and continually flown the flag for Xero across their own networks. They are each worthy winners of Xero’s MVP award for 2023 and we are eternally grateful for their continued support.

Most Valued Professional

App partner categories

Chaser has proven to be an important part of the Xero ecosystem, playing a valid role in improving debtor days for small businesses. They’ve evolved from what businesses have known them for, meeting more customer needs than ever by offering proactive credit control, at a time when businesses need them most. Chaser find a great balance of providing great tech, but also a great team that supports it. Finalists: A2X, ApprovalMax.

UK Small Business App of the Year

Syft Analytics has continued to show a real commitment to UK partners, demonstrating proactivity and entrepreneurship in the way they have come on board to the app partner programme. With features built exclusively for Xero partners, it’s an excellent product that is well-loved by the accounting and bookkeeping community and is a deserving winner of the Practice App of the Year trophy for 2023. Finalists: Ignition, Spotlight.

UK Practice App of the Year

Mayday has identified a gap in the market and built an app that solves those problems, providing a new and interesting function within the app ecosystem that automates multi-entity businesses’ accounting processes, bringing real-time intercompany accounting to the finance team. Customers are raving about the solution and are thrilled to have an app that caters to this specific challenge. Finalists: Capitalise, NextMinute.

UK Emerging App Partner of the Year

iwoca has invested considerably in their product, truly solving small business pain points by providing real benefits for customers and the economy. With multiple products live with Xero, iwoca Pay and iwoca lending, they provide an experience that is well-loved by the community, resulting in 4.9 stars on the Xero app store. Finalists: Crezco, Telleroo.

UK Financial Service App of the Year

Ireland accounting and bookkeeping partner categories

Taking home the award for a second year running, Accountant Online is a real digital success story. They’re a firm that has continued to go from strength to strength. With increased usage of Xero products and implementation of a range of ecosystem apps, they are committed to saving clients time and improving financial management, while also greatly improving efficiency for the firm. Finalists: RDA Accountants, Moran and Partners, borgo.

Xero Partner of the Year

Fluent Virtual Accounting was formed in 2021 and have since demonstrated a proficient hands-on service, that is client-focused and maximises the use of apps such as A2X, Fathom and Syft to provide the best possible service. Fluent Virtual Accounting are ones to watch, and a true example of how a young firm can pick up strong momentum to take them to new heights.

Emerging Firm of the Year

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