Breaking client barriers for seamless onboarding

Moving clients over to Xero not only helps them to run their business more efficiently — it has huge benefits for your practice, too. We know that onboarding takes time and effort, but the rewards are worth it. 

That’s why we want to help you feel more confident in promoting and demonstrating the benefits of Xero, using online training and resources to show you how to overcome client objections — and create a seamless onboarding process.

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Award-winning advice to address client barriers

Our 2021 UK Xero Award winners are all real advocates of Xero, who have conversations with clients every day about why it is the best accounting solution for them. We asked them how they deal with common client frustrations and show how Xero can be the answer. Hear their advice in the six short videos below. 

Make sure you also download the resource pack which includes our Xero solution matrix — your own handy cheat-sheet of how to tackle client objectives.

Online training to build unshakeable confidence

Learn to speak about Xero with authority and take your training skills to the next level in your own time by checking our self-taught training sessions and recorded webinar.


Selling to serve

James Ashford, Founder of GoProposal and author of Selling To Serve will take you on a journey to challenge your most limiting beliefs, remove conflicting thoughts and reveal the blueprint for a successful sales system. Attend this webinar to receive a free copy of his book.


Making the numbers talk

Communication expert Alexandra Bond Burnett will introduce storytelling and communication frameworks to help deliver information with impact and enhance your presentation skills to make better first impressions and build strong rapport with clients.


Showcase Xero to your clients

Learn from the best and see how our Xero Education experts deliver a kick-ass demo of Xero. They’ll show you how to present Xero to your clients, what key features to demonstrate and what benefits to call out to ensure your clients have no objections.

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Develop Xero training skills

Across eight self taught videos, apply learning principles and blended learning techniques to help your staff and clients learn how to use Xero. Develop a training program, create presentation plans, get learner feedback and promote ongoing learning.

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Xero Bootcamp: Onboarding clients

We take you through how to identify clients suited to Xero and then create a migration plan tailored to them. Look at ways to encourage your clients that Xero is right for them and how you can build training as an additional service.

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When onboarding new clients, listen to to see what their expectations are. Acknowledge that there will be change but reassure them that with Xero and your expertise, the accounting side of their business will run more efficiently and effectively.

Resources to show Xero to your clients

We’ve put together a collection of co-branded resources that can be personalised with your own logo and language to help you talk and promote Xero to your clients. Here’s what’s included:

  • Co-branded master presentation 

  • Co-branded client flyer

  • Co-branded Xero demo
  • How-to guide on introducing and moving your clients to Xero 

  • Xero solution matrix 

  • Tips for hosting a winning virtual event

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Welcome your clients to Xero with a gift — on us!

As an official welcome to Xero, surprise your client with a rainbow cake kit on us once they are all set up. You take the credit — we’ll sort out the logistics. 

For clients you’ve signed up and are actively using Xero business edition while stocks last, tell us where to send their gift. Read the terms and conditions

Encourage your client to share a picture of their cake kit on social media using #Xerotreats and tag @Xero. They’ll be automatically entered into a prize draw with the chance of winning a wellbeing hamper worth £300, plus we’ll create a case study featuring them and you! Read the terms and conditions.

Download your resource pack

Here is your Xero resource pack to download and keep. We hope you find it of use.