Breaking client barriers for seamless onboarding

Moving clients over to Xero helps them run their business more efficiently and has huge benefits for your practice too.

It’s worth the effort

Bringing clients on board to Xero takes time and effort, but the rewards are worth it. And we can help.

An accountant talks with a client over coffee.

Gain confidence

Feel more confident in promoting and demonstrating the benefits of Xero to clients.

Learn how to overcome objections

Use our online training and resources to learn how to overcome client objections.

Get help and support

We’ll help you create a seamless onboarding process for your clients.

Award-winners’ advice for handling objections

Our 2021 UK Xero Award winners have conversations with clients every day about why Xero is the best accounting solution for them.

How others address client barriers

In these six short videos, Xero partners share how they deal with common client frustrations and show how Xero can be the answer.

Resources to help you do it too

Make sure you download the resource pack, which includes our Xero solution matrix — a handy cheat sheet for tackling client objectives.

Download the resource pack
A business owner views the Xero dashboard while their accountant outlines its benefits.

Lacking visibility on cash flow

Kieran from Cloud 360 talks about cash flow visibility

Switching to new software is confusing

Stuart from Accounts and LegalClient talk about switching to new software

Keeping important documents safe and secure

Max from UHY Hacker Young talk about working with documents

Unable to share or access information easily

Adam from Linford Grey talks about information sharing & access

Managing finances is time consuming

Hannah from Lalor O’Shea McQuillan talks about managing finances

Insufficient data to make decisions

Jahan from Fusion Accountants on using data for decision-making

Learn how to showcase Xero to your clients

Our Xero Education experts show you how to present Xero to your clients including key features and benefits and how to overcome objections.

Watch Becca talk about showcasing Xero to your clients
Headshot of Xero education specialist, Becca Smith.

Train and support your clients

Learn how to develop a handover and training plan for clients, review how they reconcile banking, and teach them cash flow monitoring tools.

Start the online course
A bookkeeper uses Xero on their laptop to sort out invoicing for time spent on a job.

Client onboarding webinars

In our live webinars, you can learn to identify your clients software needs and bring them on your Xero journey.

Register for the live webinars
A Xero expert delivers a live webinar online.

When onboarding new clients, listen to see what their expectations are. Acknowledge that there’ll be change but reassure them that with Xero and your expertise, the accounting side of their business will run more efficiently and effectively.

Hannah Boccaccio, Lalor O’Shee McQuillan, Xero Awards Winner 2021

Promote Xero to clients with confidence

Get your onboarding resource pack

We’ve put together a collection of co-branded resources that you can personalise with your logo and share with clients. Here’s what’s included:

  • Included
    Co-branded master presentation
  • Included
    Co-branded client flyer
  • Included
    Co-branded Xero demo
  • Included
    How-to guide on introducing and moving your clients to Xero
  • Included
    Xero solution matrix
  • Included
    Tips for hosting a winning virtual event
Download the resource pack

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