Accounting & bookkeeping industry performance report

Benchmark your practice against other UK firms and see how Xero partners stack up against the wider industry.

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Online accounting and growth go hand in hand

Here are key findings from our survey of 503 Xero accounting and bookkeeping partners across the UK.

Growth in client numbers

51% of firms said their client base was growing faster or at a similar pace than pre-pandemic.

30% of firms planned to add staff

Almost a third of firms (30%) reported that they are looking to hire more full-time staff in the year ahead.

Many clients use online accounting

59% of respondents’ business clients were already using online accounting software. 11% stated their entire business client base did.

Practices 100% online grew faster

Practices growing faster than prior to the pandemic were most likely to have 100% of their clients using online accounting software (17%).

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