Technical grad program | 2023 grad program

Technical grads complete three four-month rotations, working with teams across the business in their chosen field.

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What is the technical grad program?

If you want to navigate your way into a career as an engineer, security specialist, data specialist or Salesforce engineer, the technical grad program is the place for you.

Our technical grads complete a 12 month Learning Program, broken down into three, four month rotations. Each rotation has learning outcomes designed to maximise the benefit you get from the teams you’re embedded in and ensure you’re ready to hit the ground running at the end of the program. Throughout the entire year, you’ll get the chance to diversify your skills, meet new people and better understand how the business operates. You’ll also have opportunities to work on a wide range of products in a variety of capacities, including; full stack, front-end, back-end, mobile, and data reliability.

To aid with your development and provide meaningful support during this crucial year, you’ll have a dedicated manager, a buddy in each team you rotate through and an awesome grad network.

Applications for 2023 roles have now closed

Graduate engineers

Graduate engineers work with front-end and back-end teams, enhancing functionality, new feature innovation, site and data reliability, architecture, and more.

A grad security engineer sits on a bean bag working at their laptop.

Graduate security analysts

Graduate security analysts help assess Xero’s security risks and pass security audits, assist with security education campaigns, monitor Xero for cyber attacks, and are involved in security incidents by defending Xero as attacks occur.

A graduate security analyst sits at their desk with an open laptop familiarising themself with Xero’s security framework.

Graduate Salesforce engineers

Graduate Salesforce engineers work with different teams across the Salesforce platform. This can include technologies like APEX, Visualforce, Lightning Web Components, SOQL, Flows, Process Builder and more.

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Data graduates

Data graduates work in the data team’s functional areas, getting hands-on experience in each area and learning how they work. The data and insights department is Xero’s centre of expertise for data architecture, data modelling, machine learning, ethical data usage, and artificial intelligence service design.

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Got more questions?

Check our FAQ page for details about the grad programs and answers to some common questions.

Get the inside story at a grad event

Photo of Kaia Costanza-Van Den Belt, a graduate engineer in the grad program

Come along to one of our virtual or face-to-face events to meet some past grads and our grad team, and get a true understanding of life at Xero. Check for coming events here.

Photo of Kaia Costanza-Van Den Belt, a graduate engineer in the grad program

“The grad program is designed for learning. You don’t need to be a brilliant developer right away, because we’re here to learn the skills we need and try out different areas.”

Kaia Costanza-Van Den Belt | Graduate Engineer