Chapter 1

Managing football club finances

Healthy finances help your club run smoothly and boost performance. Xero can help with better numbers off the field.

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Discover what Xero can do

This YouTube video series highlights the key features of Xero that’ll make managing your business and your finances a dream.

The basics of using Xero

Learn the basics of using Xero, such as how to automate invoices and bills and get up-to-date reports in help articles at Xero Central.

Achieve more with app integrations

Xero integrates with over numerous third-party business apps. See a selection that can help clubs in the Xero App Store.

A complete guide to using Xero for your club

Section 2 of this playbook covers everything you need to know about using Xero as a growing football club, from managing payroll to chasing invoices.

Improving equality in the workplace

We explore some of the ways you can help improve gender equality in the workplace.

Grants and funding for football clubs

In section 4, we explore everything small football clubs across New zealand need to know about access to grants and funding.

Applying for a business loan can be an ordeal. This help article shows you how to simplify the process and improve your chances of success.

Need finance for your business? Learn about the types of finance,how to approach lenders and investors, and more in this guide.

Guides to help manage your club’s finances

Managing your club’s payroll

Here’s an introduction to the basics of pay, deductions, and reporting to IR.

Managing your club’s finances and cash flow

This guide covers the basics of mastering financial management for your club.

Creating a small business budget

Here’s what you need to know about setting up a small business budget for your club.

Visit our cash flow support hub

Maintaining healthy cash flow is now more important than ever. Browse resources by Xero experts to improve your club’s cash flow management.

Free business management templates

Download Xero templates for cash flow forecasting, business continuity planning, and for creating a balance sheet to help with managing your football club’s finances.

Xero’s partnership with FIFA Women’s Football and New Zealand Football

Improving the health of football clubs from the grassroots up is vital for growing the women's game and keeping the Football Ferns flourishing.

Using Xero for football club accounts and finances

Xero can help improve your club's financial health and help grow the game. Here’s how to use Xero for your club finances.

  1. Managing football club finances

    Healthy finances help your club run smoothly and boost performance. Xero can help with better numbers off the field.

  2. Xero for club finances

    Football club admin includes managing the income, outgoings, cash flow, budget and payroll. Explore ways Xero can help.

  3. Getting set up

    See which Xero plan is the best fit, get set up, how to convert from another solution, and use Xero for everyday admin.

  4. Grants and funding

    A growing number of grants, loans, and other types of funding are available to football clubs.

  5. More ways to learn

    Head to Xero Central for ongoing support and more learning, or watch videos on the Xero YouTube channel.

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